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‘The Indians Abroad’ web-site is dedicated to the Indian diaspora – people from the continent of India living abroad. The main focus of this blog is to discuss real-life information on the experiences of overseas life, and to share an honest and open opinion about living in a different culture and a different society.

The site regularly receives readers from more than 125 countries that include Indians, non-resident Indians – NRIs, and others interested in overseas living or immigrant issues etc.. The ‘Blog’ covers a variety of subjects including personal development in a foreign country, social issues of a multicultural society and many more similar topics related to the life abroad.

In a foreign country, in a new place, we can make our journey much smoother and much more enjoyable with some very basic efforts. That is what this site is all about – offering simple ideas and commonsense suggestions for a better and more successful experience of our life abroad.

The main theme of the site is social awareness in a foreign land, experiences of living in a multi-culture society, personal development in the new country and discussion on many more such issues that affect the overseas lives. Some of the main categories on this website are:

Social Awareness:

The site covers a wide range of social issues including day-to-day experiences, common myths and other social aspects of life abroad.  It has a lot of information and opinion about all kinds of NRIs’ experiences, benefits of living abroad and hardships of foreign life. I regularly explore and discuss the routine overseas issues, along with the ways to address them. The topics cover many misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about living abroad as well.

For example, some of the popular blog posts include:

Personal Development:

One of the main goals of the site is to help improve NRIs’ overseas living experiences. All kinds of ‘NRI tips’ and suggestions on a variety of issues related to personal growth are discussed. Other topics that relate to personal development also include ‘Communication Skills improvement’ and ‘career Planning’. Some of the helpful posts include:

Jobs, Occupations and Business Abroad:

There are many articles that focus on the jobs and occupations in foreign countries. Information on jobs in high demand, and different business ideas are regularly explored. NRI Banking is one of many other topics in this class. Some of the popular articles include:

Bollywood – Home and Abroad:

There are many topics related to Bollywood – home and abroad. The Bollywood abroad, the celebrity and Bollywood quiz are key areas covered. Some of the entries are:

Knowledge Sharing:

Sharing overseas knowledge and information about living abroad is one of the main purpose of the site. This could go beyond NRIs and the Indians abroad. Invite your friends and family – Indians or non Indians – to be a part of this journey. More, the merrier.

For example, some of the general knowledge sharing posts include:

Trivial Stuff and Much More:

The site includes a lots of information, discussion, opinion and commentary on all kinds of topics including:

Site Navigation:

All the posts are under ‘Home’ page. You can also ‘Search’ for an article using topics listed along the side bar. Spend a few minutes looking around; you never know what you may find 🙂 !

For those who are not of Indian background, these basic Indian terms may be useful.

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Hope your visit to this site is fruitful.

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  1. Love this site.
    Very upbeat and very upfront opinion.
    I like the ‘NRI TIPs’ articles, like how to lose accent and employment ideas.

  2. Thanks for the unique contents. Social issues with a realistic touch- nice.
    I suck at bollywood quizzes.

  3. Very different site than other ‘overseas’ sites. May be need a little more comic angle to increase the appeal 🙂

  4. Hello,

    I live in Berlin, Germany and just stumbled on your well organized site, through Google. I must say I have really enjoyed the ’50 Money Saving Tips’ post. Now I have good reason to drink even more water! 🙂

    I will share it with Twitter followers.


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