A vegetarian Thanksgiving feast – The Indian Style

An Indian Thanksgiving for the vegetarians!A vegetarian dish
So, you don’t eat turnkey, or any other meat dishes! However, with Thanksgiving approaching, everybody is talking turkey. Thanksgiving menus are built around turnkey and meat entrees; without turkey, it is not really a Thanksgiving dinner, right?
If are vegetarian, you have a big dilemma at your hands – what to cook and what not to make for this holiday family feast! There has to be something in your dinner menu that stands out!

Don’t feel left out, there are millions of vegetarians out there facing the same question. Of course, we all take this challenge differently or underplay it, like….
“Thanksgiving is not really our holiday; we don’t celebrate it!..”
“We will just make one extra dish,… and a desert….that should do the trick!”
“Have to sleep early for Black Friday shopping next day, we will do something special for Christmas…”

If you are looking for an excuse to avoid thanksgiving dinner, there are plenty of them out there.
But, Why? Why pass on the chance to get together and have some fun with your family and friends! the Thanksgiving is all about showing the appreciation and thanking your loved ones! So, go on; celebrate! Put something together for the feast! Something that you are good at, something that is filling and ‘festive’!

The menu does not have to be American style or Indian style; it can be either, or a combination of the two. Pick out the dishes that you really enjoy; talk to your friends, build a menu in advance! Believe me, it is not that hard! You can start with something common.

Here are the suggestions for an Indian thanksgiving menu: Continue reading “A vegetarian Thanksgiving feast – The Indian Style”

Thanksgiving – A Thank You to………’Life’ itself!

Everyone has their her own way of looking at life. Some are more optimistic than others – glass half full rather than half empty. The fact is: if you search long enough or far enough, you can always find something to admire and cherish, and you can often find something to disdain as well. The life – full of ups and downs. There is always something to complain about, and then there is always something to be thankful for.

Life is never what we dream of, tomorrow is always different than what we imagine it to be. On some days you win more than you lose, while other times are quite the opposite. It is never a perfect world; we all know that. That is the beauty of life, always full of surprises – positive or negative! All these surprises, all these ups and downs make us react one way or another. We relish the good times; we hate the bad ones.

As the time goes by, as the years roll on, the life happens – the good, the bad and then some really ugly. If you live long enough, you cannot avoid these turbulence. That is what life is – a continuous tide of highs and lows with lots of average daily stuff in between.

Down the road, along the way, we are wound to run into situations and opportunities that are favorable to us, that make us happy. And then, it is equally probable that we will encounter the circumstance that we never wished for, that we never hoped for. It is the law of the nature; with good, comes with the bad. We always find it hard to believe, but this a part of living – relishing the good and dealing with the bad. Continue reading “Thanksgiving – A Thank You to………’Life’ itself!”

Thanksgiving – More than Family, Food and a Prayer!

Happy Thanksgiving


On 4th Thursday of every November, America celebrates Thanksgiving Day. The schools are closed for a better part of this week; most of the businesses close Thursday though Sunday. Families prepare for days to get together and celebrate this festive time.

The American Thanksgiving holiday traces its origins back to 1621 when newly arrived Pilgrims from England held a harvest feast after a successful crop growing season. For more on the history of the holiday, you can take a look at Wikipedia or search online…There is a whole lot of historical background attached to the holiday.

Yes, it is a harvest festival. Over the years, however, it has become a ‘Turkey Day’ – every feast for every family-gathering is supposed to include baked or roasted turkey. Thanksgiving with Turkey is like Christmas without presents, Diwali without lights. That is a part the tradition.

Cooking a 20 pound turkey is an adventure in itself. For amateurs, there are live help-lines where you can call for help – toll-free from your kitchen, if cooking is not going the way you expected; the nice ladies on the other end of the phone are always full of tips and tricks to help you out. This – ‘the turkey tip line’ – is one of the businesses they cannot outsource to India or China, at least not yet! 🙂

Thanksgiving is the time to thank, as you can tell by the name itself – duh! It is time to thank God, it is a time to thank family and friends. You thank God for all the good things and good karma bestowed on you. You thank friends and family for their support, for their love, and for standing with you through thick and thin. So no doubt, there are big family gatherings, a lots of feasting, a lot of thanks and gratitude going around….and yes, some praying… A a weekend full love and compassion, and yes, full of feasts and parties… Continue reading “Thanksgiving – More than Family, Food and a Prayer!”