Peacock Garden at Warwick Castle

A Photo Gallery: The Peacock Garden at the Warwick Castle (Warwickshire, England)
Warwick Castle is one of the main attractions in the Warwickshire area. The medieval castle stands on the River Avon and falls in the town of Warwick. This magnificent castle a must see for those traveling through Warwickshire.

Peacock Garden

The scenic rolling landscape of the Castle grounds also include a beautiful peacock Garden. The peacocks and the visitors wandering through this well-manicured garden. The male peacocks can be heard making piercing calls, their extravagant plumage and colorful feathers at full display. This is a fascinating and refreshing scenery for the kids and the grown-ups alike.

Here are some pictures; a very impressive peacock garden, even by the royal standards!

Peacock Garden

Story goes that Queen Victoria took personal interest in the well being of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Sikh Empire who was exiled from Punjab to England at the age 15. To make him feel at ‘home’, a flock of peacocks was imported from India in 1850s. Some of those birds are said to have ended up at the Warwick Castle.

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Through the maze of overseas airfare shopping

Overseas Travels: Commonsense tips on shopping for airline tickets abroad

Overseas traveling can be fun or headache depending on how you approach it, how well you plan ahead and above all, how much you enjoy the process itself. Before you can actually begin your travels abroad however, you need the airline tickets. Searching for bargains in airfares is no shoe-shopping by any means. The airfare is one of the biggest expenses of the overseas journey.

Based on my first hand experiences of booking an airline ticket from America to India (different airports at different times), here are some key tips. Many of these tips are commonsense and should come as no surprise to anyone:

Start bright and early: Trying to book an overseas plane ticket at the last minute is no fun. In the crunch time, you end up paying a lot more than you normally would. Whenever possible, plan ahead and start your airfare search at least 5 to 6 weeks in advance. Yes, there are last minute deals that you might find during slow seasons; however, waiting for the last minute to grab a good deal is often a big mistake.

Do your own research:The internet makes it so easy now-a-days to try different websites and different airlines for airfare comparison. Try them out, spend some time looking around and see what is available. If your travel allows you to be flexible, you can certainly get some decent deals. And after you get a feel for the online price range, you may also call some local travel agents for comparison shopping. Continue reading “Through the maze of overseas airfare shopping”