Cricket World Cup 2015: A Trivia Quiz!

ICC-Cricket-World-Cup-2015Are you a real fan of the cricket?
Do you know your game?
Test your knowledge!
Here is a trivia quiz on 2015 Cricket World Cup.
Good luck!!

2015 Cricket World Cup is the 11th Cricket World Cup hosted by....

How many teams/countries are participating in the 2015 World Cup tournament and in what format?

The tickets for the pool match between India and Pakistan reportedly sold out very quickly. How quickly and who won the match?

Which batsman reached his century off 52 balls, the second-fastest in World Cup history?

The highest individual score in this world cup came from:

This player recorded the most centuries in this world Cup

Batting first against New Zealand, in a shocking result,..

In the Pool match between India and Pakistan, this player scored 107 runs to help India pile 300 runs in 50 overs.

This country does not NOT have a team participating in the 2015 Cricket World Cup tournament.

In the Australia vs Bangladesh pool match, Bangladesh received one point. Why?

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Desi in da club…or not!!

I will never forget this experiment. Many years ago, I and a desi friend of mine were refused the entry to a night-club in Montreal, Canada. There was a cover charge – an entry fee, and we were okay with that; but I guess, we were not ‘okay enough’ to be a part of the crowd inside. Realizing that we were dressed too casual for some of the upscale clubs in that area, we went back to our hotel, changed into something more formal and had no problem after that.

Not sure if it was our ‘outsider’ looks or just the dress code that was the problem for the club, but appearance does matter. You are always judged on your looks, no matter who you are and where you come from.

And, you can say this about any country; this happens everywhere, every day and every night. I have heard stories about some night-clubs in India refusing entrance to foreigners, including Nepalese and those from far north-eastern states.

Recently Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club in New Zealand denied a Sikh man’s entry because he was wearing a turban. The Sikh community is crying foul and calling it a case of racism. On the other hand, the club management is calling it purely a policy issue, and has nothing to do with the racism according to them. It is a private club and they have their own rules, at least that’s what they say. The Sikh Council of New Zealand is seeking action from Human Rights Commission against the club, and is willing to take the battle to the court. Continue reading “Desi in da club…or not!!”