Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a Happy 2016!!
Wishing everyone a good health, happiness, prosperity and good Karma, though we are still looking for ‘him’!
2015, another year gone by, a part of the past now. Most of it will fade away into distant memories.
Looking ahead, a new year -2016, with new potentials. So, time for some new resolutions, even though most of our new year’s resolutions are about the same as before… not much changes in our wishes and expectations. Except, the time moves on!
The life’s journey is random in nature – beautiful, exciting, surprising, boring, disappointing…. all combined in unpredictable steady moments of time. There are ups, there are downs. But, if you look around, there is always something to live for, to cherish, to enjoy….
So, here is another year, a brand new 2016, full of new possibilities… Explore it, enjoy it !
Life happens, moment-by-moment, day by day, year by year…
So live it! Let us be grateful for another chapter in our lives.
Look around; admire the nature, the surroundings…, admire the goodness of humanity. Be a part of ‘all that is good in the universe’.
But, above all, slow down once in while, take a break. Break the fast pace of the daily grinds and look around every now and then;enjoy the journey! The life, the living, happens in the present!
Happy Journey!
Happy New year!!

Steve jobs: An example of a life well lived!

A tribute to Steve Jobs and his quotes- an entrepreneur, an inventor, a thinker in his own words…

“There may be no greater tribute to Steve Jobs’ success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.” ~ Barack Obama

Steve Jobs, in very simple words, changed the way we go about our work, or the way we think. With innovations like iPod, iPhone and iPad, the man has revolutionized our daily lives.

In real life, Steve Jobs was more than an entrepreneur or an inventor or a business leader. He is the true example of living – the way a life should be.

Steve grew up as an adopted child, raised by a lower middle class family in California. He dropped out of of college after first semester….

Steve Jobs was not an isolated computer nerd or a geek. He looked at the world with a keen eye. He was deeply philosophical during his youth and wanted to study and experience spiritualism. His quest for spiritual enlightenment brought him to India in 1974 summer…. Continue reading “Steve jobs: An example of a life well lived!”

Yes, Life is different here!

Living Abroad – Different strokes for different folks!

Yes, life is different here, very different!!

Here, people come from all over the places! They have different skin tones, different heights. They walk different, they talk different. Some have local accent; others are outsiders for sure. Some speak in a monotone while others are too dramatic in every expression. Some stand still and deliver their opinion in a quiet but firm voice, while others use their hands and gestures more than their tongue.

Some dress sparingly and reveal everything, very outdoorsy to say it modestly! Others are too covered, as if protecting themselves from a wintery chill, even in the summer months.

People speak so many different languages here. Just walk down the street and you will get an earful of gibberish dialects for sure; many of those you have never heard of!

Yes, life is different here, very different!!

The food choices are quite interesting, or strange. Some like it plain and others, spicy. Some eat only vegetables while others hunt for meat. Some can afford it all, while others live from hand to mouth. Some like it exotic and show off their feasts while others struggle to feed even two times a day. Continue reading “Yes, Life is different here!”

Fraility of life – A short term memory

Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh. ~George Bernard Shaw

The life – precious yet fragile. If we look around, we are constantly reminded of the fact that life is short; it is perishable at any moment. Everyday, everywhere, there is something or someone pointing to this sad truth.

Yes, it is sad, if you think about it; the thoughts about your own demise can easily put you off. May be that is why we rarely think about it – uncertain in time, yet a sure ending of our journey!

There is nothing you can do about this; the life, just like a book, comes with the last chapter. You can delay the inevitable by being careful – eating healthy, staying fit and keeping a positive outlook. You can even try extreme measures – hiding in the basement and never crossing the train track… You can postpone it if you are lucky, but it is the law of nature – you can delay your end but you cannot avoid it.

In spite of the well known path and a steady march towards the end, we are rarely bothered by it. We barely think about it. We see others go, but you never imagine yourself in that coffin. Continue reading “Fraility of life – A short term memory”

Thanksgiving – A Thank You to………’Life’ itself!

Everyone has their her own way of looking at life. Some are more optimistic than others – glass half full rather than half empty. The fact is: if you search long enough or far enough, you can always find something to admire and cherish, and you can often find something to disdain as well. The life – full of ups and downs. There is always something to complain about, and then there is always something to be thankful for.

Life is never what we dream of, tomorrow is always different than what we imagine it to be. On some days you win more than you lose, while other times are quite the opposite. It is never a perfect world; we all know that. That is the beauty of life, always full of surprises – positive or negative! All these surprises, all these ups and downs make us react one way or another. We relish the good times; we hate the bad ones.

As the time goes by, as the years roll on, the life happens – the good, the bad and then some really ugly. If you live long enough, you cannot avoid these turbulence. That is what life is – a continuous tide of highs and lows with lots of average daily stuff in between.

Down the road, along the way, we are wound to run into situations and opportunities that are favorable to us, that make us happy. And then, it is equally probable that we will encounter the circumstance that we never wished for, that we never hoped for. It is the law of the nature; with good, comes with the bad. We always find it hard to believe, but this a part of living – relishing the good and dealing with the bad. Continue reading “Thanksgiving – A Thank You to………’Life’ itself!”

Quality of life abroad – going in circle

‘Quality of life’ is often quoted as one of the key reasons for migrating to a more developed country – a better place. For example, some the common reasons for migrating from India to Europe, Australia or North America include:

  • Better economy, higher income abroad,
  • Search of better employment,
  • Better education system or higher education,
  • Better medical facilities,
  • Ability to start and operate a business with minimum political and social corruption,
  • Social and cultural experience of traveling and living abroad
  •  Exploring new places, learning new languages
  •  A better global outlook – the firsthand experience is a real eye opener… etc.

All these facilities and much more developed infra structure, combined with financial advantages, add to the comforts of day-to-day life abroad. As a result, all this leads to a better quality of life. Continue reading “Quality of life abroad – going in circle”

Abroad, You never feel at Home

Yes, it happened; it was bound to happen. I ran out of ideas.
I ran out of ideas to write about. Not that my previous ideas were too special or too brilliant. Even the brilliant idea from last night – writing about a new-comer’s experiences – was very ordinary.

She is new student I recently ran into – my new idea. From her experiences in America, I was hoping to get some new material for my blog.

“So how do you like in America?” I asked eagerly, hoping for a long story.
“Ah, it’s not all that bad, just about the same as I expected,” Dismissively, she said in a monotone.
“So, what is it that you don’t like it here, or dislike the most,” I rephrased the question, hoping to get something more.
“It is not much different; about the same as I expected,”

She was not helping out.
I paused. It cannot be; it is a new country, a new place across the ocean.
“How about the language?” I pressed on.
“No, I speak English at home in Bangalore. I can speak many languages, but English is what we use the most.”
“Wow”, I did not know what else to say. In reality, I was more disappointed than surprised. Continue reading “Abroad, You never feel at Home”

Slow down genius, it’s just a journey!

Dedicated to all the workaholics, high-achievers and fast paced lifestyle individuals of today

Yes, you have done a lot; accomplished so many goals, conquered many peaks. With you, it is all about achievements, it is all about the end-results, it is all about marching to the top. The success is ‘a must’ to stroke your ego; basking in the glory of victories has become a habit of yours.

Yes, you are scared of failures, just like a fox scared of its own shadow. You may have seen some thrilling ups and scary downs, but up is all you desire. Everything has to be your way. You are scared of uncertainties – the unwanted side-effected of your grand endeavors.

You have survived a lot around you, you probably have seen more than you can process. The fear of failures and the greed of success keep you going nonstop – day and night.

Yes, you have accomplished a lot; but, what for? Continue reading “Slow down genius, it’s just a journey!”

Live your life like a kids’ lemonade stand!

Personal lessons & self-improvement tips from kids’ lemonade stand:

You most likely have driven by many lemonade stands in your neighborhood, where young kids are selling lemonade on a roadside or from a street corner. But, have you been to one of them lately? If not, you should. You can learn a lot from them, we all can. Here are some of the life lessons to take home from a kids’ lemonade stand:

Kifds' Lemonade Stand
Kifds’ Lemonade Stand

1. Keep it simple: One table, one or two chairs, disposable glasses, a container for money and lemonade supplies- that’s the most of it. That is all they need to meet their objective. Still, it looks so complete, as if nothing is missing. Everything that is required is right there.
2. Welcome with a smile: The young kids always have an enthusiasm about their endeavors, always welcome you with a smile. The minute you walk in (or drive in), you feel at home. 🙂
3. Entertaining and interesting: It is never boring at the lemonade stands. While you enjoy your lemonade, kids are busy with something ‘cool’, something refreshing. They may be telling some funny story, singing carelessly, running after each other, reacting to the tip they just received, performing some cheers/ dance-routines, juggling lemons or doing something else to attract the customers. Continue reading “Live your life like a kids’ lemonade stand!”