Horn Please – the art of honking in India!

If you go back to India after a few years of living abroad, the first thing that gets your attention is the noise from constant honking – the horn on the road. Now-a-days, they have even introduced some musical horns with so many different tunes, if that makes you feel any better. But, the annoyance of horn noise is something that bugs anyone who visits India after a while, or for the first time.

At first, one might think that honking of the horn is an indication of impatient driving or being overly aggressive on the road. After all, most of the vehicles have the rear-view mirrors and they should be able to tell that someone is approaching them from behind to pass by, instead of being reminded with a loud horn. But after a few days of stay I realized that most of the drivers use horn for alerting the other drivers as they take-over or pass by in the narrow lanes.

In America and many other countries, as you know, honking of a horn is rare and used only when someone needs to be reminded of his/her mistakes. In India however, the use of Horn is a part of driving etiquettes. Continue reading “Horn Please – the art of honking in India!”