Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a Happy 2016!!
Wishing everyone a good health, happiness, prosperity and good Karma, though we are still looking for ‘him’!
2015, another year gone by, a part of the past now. Most of it will fade away into distant memories.
Looking ahead, a new year -2016, with new potentials. So, time for some new resolutions, even though most of our new year’s resolutions are about the same as before… not much changes in our wishes and expectations. Except, the time moves on!
The life’s journey is random in nature – beautiful, exciting, surprising, boring, disappointing…. all combined in unpredictable steady moments of time. There are ups, there are downs. But, if you look around, there is always something to live for, to cherish, to enjoy….
So, here is another year, a brand new 2016, full of new possibilities… Explore it, enjoy it !
Life happens, moment-by-moment, day by day, year by year…
So live it! Let us be grateful for another chapter in our lives.
Look around; admire the nature, the surroundings…, admire the goodness of humanity. Be a part of ‘all that is good in the universe’.
But, above all, slow down once in while, take a break. Break the fast pace of the daily grinds and look around every now and then;enjoy the journey! The life, the living, happens in the present!
Happy Journey!
Happy New year!!

Happy New Year!

Another day, another year.
May 2014 open many new doors for you!
Wishing you adventurous and exciting times ahead!!

Anther day, another year.
Laugh a lot and travel often!
Time flies by; live the laugh to the fullest!!

Another day, another year.
New moments, new memories!
Have a healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2014!!

Happy New Year!

2012 – Welcome!

Happy 2012 to you and your loved ones!

The Time is the ultimate story teller; the time is the father of truth. As time goes by, the reality of everything around us strips down to their true colors.

We talk about passing time or sitting around idle, or killing time; in reality it is the time that kills us in the end. This is nothing new, we all know the importance of time; how precious it is!

Yes, we are overly preoccupied with the time and its passage. We have organized our time into calendars, into a busy schedule to prove that we are not wasting time. We are even double-booked some times! Yes, we have understood the importance of time, we have figured out a way to make the best out of it, so we believe!!

The new years, the new wishes, or the old wishes tweaked a little…this is the beauty of time, the new time. The passing time makes us feel so important, as if we control it.

Of course, we don’t control the time, or the life passing by. In fact, there is no need; there is no need to drag the time, or hold on to the past. Continue reading “2012 – Welcome!”

Thank you New Year, this time I mean it

Dear New Year!
Welcome! I have been waiting for you since… um..Christmas!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for arriving on time. Really, I mean it. It is hard to believe what a difference a day can make; well, in this case – a night!

The whole thing is so sweet, the world watching your arrival with a crazy zeal, with joyful frenzy!  As the seconds tick-tock to midnight – in those few seconds, a brand new year is born! And, the entire previous is forgotten, just in those few moments! All the sorrows of the ‘last’ year, all the unkept promises, all the unresolved goals – everything becomes an old past – obsolete. It is amazing how good we are at forgetting yesterday; our selective memory-loss is something to be um….proud of.

And rightfully so. Why should I mourn the dying past if there is choice to celebrate the future, to celebrate the birth of a new year!

So, drear New Year, as you can see, this is a new chapter of my life. I have written off the last year already – completely forgotten. I have even replaced my old resolutions with new ones – simple cut and paste.

Now, with new optimism, I am planning something big, something great, something large! For a change, I really want to DO something this year. I know, I know,… I have said this before to your elder brother – the last year, or perhaps many others before that. But, let the bygones be bygones. Let the past be a history. This time I am dead serious; this time, I am motivated to make a difference in my life. Continue reading “Thank you New Year, this time I mean it”

My New Year’s Resolutions List 2011

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ~T.S. Eliot

Here we go AGAIN!
Another new year upon us, another milestone on the horizon!
It is that time of the year – to come up with the new resolutions and new goals for a brand new year knocking at my door.

My new year’s resolutions for 2011:

To keep my list simple, i decided to update my last year’s resolution list, that was collecting dust on my desk all year.
A little tweaking, a few updates in the red, and we have a brand new list of resolutions for a brand new year.
You may say, how lazy, i say – how efficient!!
To save me trouble in re-writing the whole thing here, I have scanned a copy: Continue reading “My New Year’s Resolutions List 2011”