Cricket World Cup 2015: A Trivia Quiz!

ICC-Cricket-World-Cup-2015Are you a real fan of the cricket?
Do you know your game?
Test your knowledge!
Here is a trivia quiz on 2015 Cricket World Cup.
Good luck!!

2015 Cricket World Cup is the 11th Cricket World Cup hosted by....

How many teams/countries are participating in the 2015 World Cup tournament and in what format?

The tickets for the pool match between India and Pakistan reportedly sold out very quickly. How quickly and who won the match?

Which batsman reached his century off 52 balls, the second-fastest in World Cup history?

The highest individual score in this world cup came from:

This player recorded the most centuries in this world Cup

Batting first against New Zealand, in a shocking result,..

In the Pool match between India and Pakistan, this player scored 107 runs to help India pile 300 runs in 50 overs.

This country does not NOT have a team participating in the 2015 Cricket World Cup tournament.

In the Australia vs Bangladesh pool match, Bangladesh received one point. Why?

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Bollywood to the rescue: Australian attacks on Indians abroad!

Friendly warning: To avoid mental indigestion, please take this post with a grain of salt and in light spirits. The intended humor does not – in any way – take away the seriousness of the Australian situation. Enjoy:

Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Dara Singh are getting old; otherwise we would not even be talking about this. We would not be worried about some group of kids attacking Indians in broad Australian daylight.
In good old days Dharmendra alone, may be with some help from ‘Big B’, could have taken care of this crisis. And a dance number in between – to prove his cool – would have been just the expected icing on the cake.
But those golden days of unbeatable magic are gone!

Singh is Kinngh to the rescue?
Singh is Kinngh to the rescue?

We do have Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and rest of the modern day Bollywood heroes. They are a force to reckon with, no doubt. The movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ is a living proof that they are no less than their ‘elders’ – the previous generation of Bollywood heroes! However, it is a troublesome that they have been a bit shy of the Immigration officers abroad recently. So, it may be hard to convince them to board a plane for overseas, if that’s how they ‘fly’!

So, there is the problem, there lies the dilemma – the real challenge! Which Bollywood star should go over to Australia and ‘fix’ those hooligans and thugs, who don’t really understand how good we Indians are?

Bigger challenges demand better solutions, some new ideas. We need a new Bollywood star (or two) to rise to this occasion, and go fix it, once and for all. We need some fresh Bollywood blood who can take over this challenge.

Which Bollywood stars to the rescue?
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India Abraod – The attacks on Indians in Australia

The attacks on Indians in Australia continue 
The violent attacks on Indians in Australia continue. Last week, another Indian student was assaulted and left unconscious in Melbourne. The Australian youth attackers told him that “in this place there is no home for you”. This is the second published attack in last one week. There may be many more smaller or unreported incidents that we don’t hear about.

It is very sad and horrifying that these incidents against Indians have continued over the months. Since June 2009, scores of Indians have been attacked and are victims of physical violence at the hands of local Australians. The governments from both sides have been addressing these ugly incidents. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has spoken to his Australian counterpart in the past; external affairs minister S M Krishna has visited the country; and Australia has assured a policy of zero tolerance against the attacks. There have been many steps taken by the Australian Government to deal with all this, but there seems to be no end in sight.

It is clear that the issue is bigger than the Australian authorities. The law enforcement authorities and the policeman on the street can only do so much in this case.

Is the local economy to blame for the attacks?
Many believe that these attacks are triggered by the slow-down in economy. The unemployment is growing everywhere; people are struggling to find jobs. The immigrants and outsider often get the blame for stealing the jobs away from the locals.

This thinking and blame-game is not new or uncommon across the globe. In America, with unemployment exceeding 10%, immigrants and outsourcing are often quoted as one of the reasons for difficulties in finding work. There are many factions and groups, including some media outlets, in USA that openly blame immigrants as part of the economic problem. The main focus in America has been the Mexican immigrants who are blamed for taking away the lower wage jobs from working class Americans. Continue reading “India Abraod – The attacks on Indians in Australia”