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Short Stories and Flash Fiction:

This is compilation of short stories and flash fiction published on this site:

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    This post may, or may not publish. Because, we, indians, are always timid & cowardly to listen, and see anything shattering our national pride. Every year, a big chunk of Indian population spills out of India, to other parts of the world. (…as it can’t hold so much of population in itself)
    Earlier it used to be on the basis of their qualification, but now, any unqualified, good-for nothing, is able to make its way out, due to some relaxed migration rules, or illegally. Every indian migrant pretends to be “westerner” by cloths, and appearance, but they do not adopt social ethics, and manners.
    Allegedly, they pretend to be too brainiac, but Indians are the most timid, and coward community to compete in any sports with/or against hispanic, oriental, or afro-american community, even the kids, born and brought up in foreign lands. They grow up showing-off their anger within the community, but against any other community, they don’t even show resistance to any injustice upon themselves.
    On their motherland India, they show-off protests against rapists, but can’t achieve any justice.
    They keep begging for justice from other nations for the terror act Taj- 26/11.
    …better to leave it incomplete, as there are not enough words for “Indians, always on denial of reallity”

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