Facebook or the fake book life!

Fakebook life or the fake life on Facebook!

Your ‘live’ online, that is your true life. You can pretend; you can be something that you always wanted to be, but could not, in real life! Going to the mall to hang out with your friends – that’s so 90’s, and so boring! Why bother getting all dressed up, putting up with the traffic, the weather and the real people! Plus, you can only meet a few friends at the most at a given time. Plus, not everybody is outdoorsy anymore!

Instead, you can chat with score of your buddies simultaneously, from the comfort of your own bed. You can scan their latest status, snoop into others stuff, find out what they are up to, what music they are listening to and see if they have added any cool stuff or new pictures…. Yep, everybody is only a few clicks away, and you can stick your nose into others’ business at your own schedule – whenever you want, whenever you feel like.

It is true, the Facebook is a cool social tool to keep in close contact with your friends and family ,and to mingle with your friends online. It is a convenience of modern days that overrides the necessities to go meet anyone at the coffee-shop or in the mall. You don’t have to leave your bed if you are feeling lazy; nobody needs to know what you are doing in real life’. After all, it is your life and you can portray it, – online – whichever way you wish.

A fake portrayal – that is what many do on Facebook. Continue reading “Facebook or the fake book life!”

Ten big NO-NOs on Facebook behavior

Ten things to avoid on Facebook

Night out on the town, the risque pictures, new friends and an eye-catching status update on the wall.  The intended objective? Popularity. Plus, you don’t want your newly acquired ‘friends’  to miss out on your cool details. No one needs to know that you are unemployed, or just a loner, or operating from a dimly lit basement of your mother-in-law.

Facebook is a very powerful social tool. How you use it – for your benefit or loss, is totally up to you.

FB has become a part of our daily life. We are addicted to it; we often overlook some of the commonsense precautions. When it comes to FB, there are some big NO-NOs – social media networking behaviors we should always avoid and guard against. Here are the top 10 Facebook traits to stay away from:

1. Daily planner or vacation schedule: Users of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are often warned against posting their vacation and out-of-town plans. Sharing your away-from-home information is just like putting a big sign in your front yard that reads: “I am not home!” This is an open invitation to the robbers and for break-in’s.

2. Date-of-birth: Commonsense, right? But you will be surprised to see how many of us post our date of birth on Facebook. Listing your date of birth on the ‘info’ page of FB is a big no-no. It is a very personal piece of information that can be used by others to steal your personal identity.

3. Home address: Along the same line as other personal privacy precautions, don’t put your home address on FB. Your real friends already know where you live. There is no need to announce your home address to everybody you meet online. Continue reading “Ten big NO-NOs on Facebook behavior”

Many Indians abroad dating exclusively whites only!

19:19 Me
Are u okay if I use this ‘chat’ for a blog post…a post on ‘Some Indians abroad dating whites only’ ?

19:19 Neelam
No, not really! Plz!

19:20 Me
my loss 🙁

19:20 Neelam

19:21 Me

19:21 Neelam
may be..you can change the name and place…a little

19:21 Me
I should do that.
Why though?

19:22 Neelam
haha I don’t need publicity..or hate mails…lol

19:22 Me
okay cool, thanks

19:23 Neelam
haha np


A friendly warning: Take this post with a grain of salt, especially if you get indigestion from racial mix and deviations from the strict social norms. Continue reading “Many Indians abroad dating exclusively whites only!”