Bollywood Quiz

Evergreen playback singers of Bollywood!

Aishvarya and Madhuri in Devdas

This quiz is on all-time popular playback Hindi singers of Bollywood! Good Luck!

This Famous playback singer has never sung, not even a single song, for the popular music director O P Nayyer.

Raj Kapoor preferred this singer as his playback singing voice.

This artist was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for having made the most recordings in the world. (however, in 2011, Guinness officially acknowledged Asha Bhosle as the most recorded artist in music history)

Born in Punjab, this versatile singer performed an estimated 26,000 songs, and is famous for his ability to sing lyrics ranging from light, comic, romantic, classical and sad...

This popular playback singer is famous for his yodeling style of singing.

This famous singer became synonymous with patriotic songs, with 'Mere Desh Ki Dharthi', in Manoj Kumar’s film Upkaar

Son of a great music composer, this famous music director was also known for his unique, grunting bass singing style.

This famous playback singer is sometimes stereotyped as a "cabaret singer" and a "pop crooner", for her ability to excel in songs like "Dum Maro Dum" (Hare Rama Hare Krishna).

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23 Replies to “Bollywood Quiz”

  1. Yeah, even though i live in canada i m still the don of bollywood!!!! i know everything about b and wt is happening now!!!!! hear !! hear!!!!

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  4. Hi Indians Abroad, I have a suggestion if I am allowed 🙂

    Can you please see if the font size of the quiz can be increased a little bit ?

  5. Awsome…!!! i didn’t know that I knew Indian musicto that much extent…!!!
    I am a great fan of East Asian Music (Particularly the music of sub-continent) & will remain forever….!!!

  6. This was really good. A little knowledge in everything not always danger.
    sometime is rather worthy than no knowledge at all.
    God Bless..

  7. This was really good. A little knowledge in everything not always danger.
    sometime is rather worthy than no knowledge at all.
    God Bless..

  8. The indians are now making movies with a budget as big as the hollywood’s ones. Looking forward to see how far they can get 🙂

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