Indian Fashion Trends abroad

The Indian fashion trends abroad!

Jessica Alba in Desi Style
Jessica Alba in Desi Style

Indian fashion in western countries is mainly limited to the Indian population. There are quite a few Indian designers and many Indian models that support Indian clothing, but their popularity is largely within their own kinds – the Indians. The desi clothing styles from India have failed to cross-over into the western mainstream fashions.
During the 1970s, the Western fashion started to influence the elements of the Indian dress. Also, around the same time, Indian fashion began to infuse into of Western markets. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the trend of ‘East meats West’ became more and more popular. As a result, by the turn of the century, both Western and Indian fashion approach had intermingled, creating a unique style of clothing. For example, traditional Indian clothing such as the kurti (Indian shirt) has been combined with western jeans to create a casual attire.

But this unique style of inter-mixed fashion is more visible in urban Indian population or the NRIs living abroad. This fusion of western styles into Indian fashions is more limited among the Indian population. In other words, the traditional Indian fashion is far more influenced by the western designs. The same cannot be said about the traditional western fashion.

The biggest problem with Indian clothing is the complexity of dress-up. Perhaps, this is the main reason that Indian trends have not forged any meaningful impressions on western population. Sari, for example, is an elegant and beautiful Indian dress, a very popular formal wear among the women of Indian ancestry. As lovely as it may be, sari is not easy to ‘tie’ or put on. Compared to western clothing, dressing up in a sari is a project in itself and very time consuming by any measure. So, let us face it, sari is not going to be a popular dressing style even for the most sophisticated white fashion connoisseurs of western countries.

So, how to popularize Indian fashion in western society? The complexity with sari dress-up gives you the answer: Keep it simple. The western gals of modern era prefer the fashions and clothing styles that are easy to put on, comfortable on the skin and light-wight like feather. To influence western population with a last impression and to penetrate the western mainstream, the Indian fashion has to be:
– simple
– Easy and comfortable to wear
– Appealing to the eyes for colors and styles
– Artistic embroidery but ‘less is more’
– Reasonably priced for Western middle class.
– And, fun to wear!

The Indian designers have to focus on these factors for creating a appetite among western women. The biggest demand in fashion clothing is in the female shoppers. That is the niche market for Indian fashions as well.

Fashion has its own followers, the clothing styles are contagious. Once a style becomes popular and appealing, then there is no stopping!

Think like a white woman, when designing an Indian fusion for western culture. Once the fusion begins, only sky is the limit!

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  1. Every girl look really beautiful & sweet in Saree, And now our movies like Bahubali & Bajirao Mastaani which shows our Indian culture and costumes in the movies which like the abroad peoples & also now there is more online demand for all types of sarees from foreign countries, Katrina Kaif looks great in a saree

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