Happy Diwali – Drink, Dine and Dance!

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

Diwali – the festival of lights, the king of the all the Indian festivals. There is nothing more festive and more celebrated than Diwali in India.

You have to be in India to understand and experience this festival. A few candles and some firework – that’s nowhere c;lose to the actual Diwali. But, we are not in India; we have our own style of celebrating Diwali abroad.

All around the globe, Indians celebrate Diwali festival, but in our own way! The families and friends get together to drink and dine, to party and dance. Seems familiar? Well, that is how we celebrate almost everything abroad – by drinking, dining and dancing! Be it a wedding, a birthday party, even the Holi festival.. or anything in-between …. we never pass on an excuse to drink, dine and dance!!

‘Festival of Lights’ is an understatement to describe this celebration in India. But, then again, we are not in India. The euphoria of Diwali, the traditions of the day, the competing fireworks late into the nights are hard to describe, even if you try.   The feeling and enigma of Diwali is beyond what words can narrate. The thundering sound of the fireworks and the glow of night-lights gets lost somewhere in the translations, the translations from Indian culture to the life abroad!

The NRIs have created their own identity in every aspect of the life abroad. They have their own way of celebration as well.  They have their own ideas of festivities – customized for the life in the lands far away from India! These are the familiar ritual they repeat for most celebrations overseas – drink, dine and party! A formula that always works, just like a predictable Bollywood storyline.

So, get busy with your familiar ritual, my friend! Get festive, it is Diwali! Bring home the celebrations in your own style! Throw a big party with lots of food and liquor! Get drunk, get wasted! Eat to your heart’s desire! Put on some Indian music for the nostalgic Indian touch.

And, if you really want some customized touches for the occasion, light up a few candles and place them all around the dance floor! Have a few more shots and dance away the night; we all know, you always go the extra mile!! After all, it is Diwali festival!

Happy Diwali! May the light be with you!!

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2 Replies to “Happy Diwali – Drink, Dine and Dance!”

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  2. How is it different from any other day with your friend at a club, getting drunk? What progress with Hindu festivals going the way of drunken revelries.

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