The best countries to live abroad

Which country is best for an immigrant?
It depends. It depends on what is most important to you and how you rank associated facilities and conveniences.

There are all kinds of surveys where expats are asked their opinion about their destination country and their personal experiences. . The surveys often provide an insight into the expat life abroad.

The main factors that are important to anyone living abroad are:
Economics: The jobs and occupations, employment, earning levels, spend­ing, saving and investing etc.
Living Experience: The quality of life, ease of relocation, social circle, friends and family etc.
Raising Children and family Abroad: The childcare, health benefits, family friendly environment  and education etc.

Based on a survey by the Expat Explorer, here are the results – best countries for an expat to live abroad.

Overall Ranking – Taking everything into account – the local economy, living experience and raising a family, here the top countries :

1. Hong Kong

2. Australia

3. Canada

4. Netherlands

5. United Arab Emirates

6. United States

7. Saudi Arabia

8. United Kingdom

9. Kuwait

10. Cayman Islands

11. Thailand

12. Spain

Ranking based on economies and living experience only: When economic factor and the living experience are the key factors (excluding ‘raising children and family’ factors), the rankings are quite different. Note the new leaders:

1. Singapore

2. Thailand

3. Cayman Islands

4. Bermuda

5. Hong Kong

6. Mexico

7. Switzerland

8. Malaysia

9. South Africa

10. Bahrain

11. China

12. Australia

As you can see, North American and European countries are no longer in the lead when it comes to the pure economic factors and the living experiences. Slowly but surely, the times are changing!

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