A boyfriend, a husband and the God

“Oh God, what should I do!!” She asked

‘What do you mean?” The God replied.

“I mean what should I do?”

Silence. There was no response from the Almighty.

“Seriously, I am in pain. Please help me!”

“Pain? Are you sure? Why?”

“You are supposed to answer my prayers, not ask question after question!”

“That is what you think!” He paused. “Why would you be still in pain?” the God asked again.

“My husband hates me, and my boyfriend doesn’t want me anymore?”

” A boyfriend and a husband –  looks like you have one of each. That is non-traditional. Most women have them both covered in one person!” The God chuckled.

“I know, I am torn! That is a sin, right?”

“It depends on you!”

“For my child, I have decided to stay with my husband. Not an easy choice, you know.”

“I know!”

“But he is mad at me everyday!”


“He found out about my boyfriend!”

“Love is hard to hide, especially the forbidden one!”

“Forbidden, I know, but I could not help it. My boyfriend gave me love that my husband could not!”

“Looks like a bad husband.”

“He never loved me!”

“Did you love him?”

“I tried, yes, since the day I met him.” She paused, “We rushed into the marriage.”


“My parents liked him because he lived in Canada; I did not think twice!”

“Arranged marriages – very common in India.”

“i did not know what I was getting into!”

“That is normal….And, your boyfriend?”

“I met him through the extended family, our social circle – here in Surrey, BC.”


“I was dying for love in my hollow marriage; along came a man who adored me! I could not help it!”

“So, you found love!”

“Yes. He still loves me. But then, things got worse”

“How come?”

“My husband caught me with him, in the back-seat of my car!”

“An interesting life you got there!”

“Yeah, it was bad! My hubby sneaked on to the car and took pictures.” She paused, “and, showed to my parents”

“Must be very awkward and scary for you! Why not go with your boyfriend then?

“You allow that? I mean religion…I am a married woman.”

“I never stopped anybody from doing anything they really wanted. And, you said it yourself that you two loved each-other.”

“Yeah, we thought about it, but it is complicated!”

“Love – seems simple to me!”

“He is married; he does not want to leave his wife anymore, and his children?”

“Oh, quite an entangled web!.”

“He was supposed to leave her. He promised me that. And, now he is worried – about his kids and the Indian society!”

“Not nice of him!”

“What should I do?”

“You keep saying the same thing, I am not sure there is much you can do now!”

“I am very lonely, my future is uncertain; I am scared of living alone. My luck, and those two bastards….! I hate my life!”

“It is going to be okay now!”

“I want my boyfriend but he would not stand with me. So, I am stuck with my husband. Plus, I have a kid, I love him. I am willing to put up with my husband for my son!”

“Must be hard to be in an unhappy marriage!”

“Yes”, She stopped, perhaps to realize the weight of her admission,  “My husband does not want me anymore; I am sure he is going to divorce me!”


“So, what should I do? I have no place to go”

The God did not reply..

“I am serious, what should I do?” She repeated.

“There is not a whole lot that you can do now!”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean exactly that, it is too late!”

“Umm…this is not helping. I should go now. My husband comes home early on Fridays. I have to be home before him. We had a big argument yesterday. He threatened me with serious consequences! It was am scary!!……God, I don’t want to go home!”

“You don’t have to, not anymore. It is too late! I will reincarnate you into a farming family on the feet of the Himalaya mountains. Very scenic there.”


“You died this morning! You will forget all this very soon!” The God replied, as she noticed her form fade.

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