Traveler’s aid: checklist for Indian trip

A traveler’s aid: a checklist for Indian trip

Packing for a trip back home to India? A check list that keeps growing, but this is a good start:

  • Valid Passports: duh, no brainier!
  • Valid visa or visa application: For those with non-Indian passports.
  • Shopping for the airline tickets: If you have flexible dates, you can find some really good bargains online. Start early, at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Luggage/suitcases:  H+L+W=61 inches and 50 lbs maximum; who would have thought!
  • Clothing, the shopping: Don’t go crazy, save some space in your suitcases to bring back all the bargain buys… and the gifts.
  • Fitting/sizing suits: Planing to attend some formal gathering or a wedding? Try on those old suits. Body shape changes over the years and that belly too!
  • Malaria pills: Get these pills if you are going during mosquito season.
  • Typhoid vaccine: Ask your doctor if you need one; no harm in being extra careful, especially for kids.
  • Shopping for gifts: There is no end; keep it to reasonable list, it is hard to please everybody.
  • Voltage converter: Need for your 110V American electronics.
  • Phone list of important/emergency contacts
  • Camera/Camcorder: How else are you going to make your FB friends jealous?
  • Currency/funds: If needed, check the limits of maximum cash you can take.
  • Pay up-coming/due bills if going for a long duration
  • Stop/hold mail delivery
  • Don’t forget your favorite casual shoes; be prepared to lots of walking
  • Weigh the suitcases: If they feel heavy, they probably are.
  • Arrange ground/road transit from Indian airport to the final destination
  • Double check passports/ids: You cannot fly without those.
  • Anxiety/excitement? That’s good!

The list generally grow as the departure date approaches. What am I missing?

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