Sandy Hook School shooting in Newtown Connecticut – a new low!

A horrific tragedy beyond imagination: Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting!

This is bad, beyond words.
Just heard on the news: Some deranged lunatic went crazy inside an elementary school in Connecticut, shooting little kids. More than 25 people are reported to be dead, 20 of them are children between the age of 5 and 10 years.

This is just unimaginable – one of the worst tragedy you can dread..
This is pure evil, the worst kind you can think of.
Killing innocent people is bad enough, killing innocent little kids? How low can you go!

I feel sad and helpless; not sure what to say or what to do!

Imagine the horror and shock that kids might have witnessed – a lifelong scar of worst torment. And then, for the parents and families of these little ones – this is hell on earth and beyond.

We can say a prayer for the affected families; or have a moment of silence for those precious innocent lives lost (and for the survivors who are affected for the rest of their lives). However, the words or silence cannot ease the pain and suffering of this shooting.

There are no words to describe this tragedy. God save us, if there is a one!
And, if there is God, wonder why He needed so many little angels today!!

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