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I recently subscribed to Netflix Service. Not sure if it is offered outside USA and how widely, but I was looking for an on-demand network for English movies and TV shows. For $7/month and with first month free, it was rather a no-brainer.

It took me about 5 minutes to sign up for Netflix using my laptop and I was all set to watch a wide variety of TV shows and Hollywood movies on the laptop/computer and TVs. As you can imagine, the TV has to be able to access the internet for Netflix programs to play on it.

I was able to set-up Netflix on our TVs in 3 different way (on 3 different TVs):
– My main floor HD TV has internet access, so no problem there.
– Second plasma TV (no direct internet access) in the basement is connected to XBox360 (and Xbox comes with wireless access); so we can watch internet on that TV as well. However, we have to use Xbox remote-controller to scroll around the Netflix menu.
– Upstairs TV (in the bedroom) has no direct internet access but the blu-ray player is internet-ready and hence Netflix ready.

So in no time, I was able to watch a variety of English shows and movies on my TVs. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of Hindi movies under ‘Foreign’ category. I even found a few Punjabi movies, along with quite a few documentaries about India.

Currently on Netflix, there are about 200 Hindi movies to select from, and watch at your own convenience. I am sure Netflix periodically adds new titles (just like English movies and shows), and perhaps removes less popular ones. When I sorted the Hindi movies by release date, I found many recent Bollywood movies, some of them released this year (2012) like Ishaqzaade, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, Joker, Rowdy Rathore…

Netflix offers quite a few Bollywood flicks to select from. Some of the prominent movies include Mirch, Paa, Dev D, Delhi Belly, Pyar Impossible, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Kurbaan, Kaminey, Kites, Chak de! India, Mr and Mrs Khanna…. and so on…. As I estimated before, there are about 200 of them….
Among the older movies like Silsila, Kala Patthar, Kabhi Kabhie, Daag….etc. are online.

It is worth mentioning, the audio/video quality is much-much better than the DVD movies we sometime rent from local Desi stores.

There are also sub-categories of Punjabi Movies and Tamil Movies, but the selection is very little (less than 10 movies total). I really enjoyed Silent Waters (Khamosh Paani) – a movies about a Sikh Girl left behind during 1947 partition, living in small Pakistan village and struggling to adapt to Muslim rules and religion.

I am sure there are other sources of on-demand Hindi/Bollywood films on-line. In USA, Netflix provides a good flexibility to watch many such movies on TV screen (instead of laptops and computers). Even though the selection is limited, there are some good films at your finger tips.

As an alternate, I understand that we can always subscribe to Desi Channels (like Zoom, NDTV, B4U) but the monthly cost is significantly higher and I don’t think that on-demand (watch what you want and when you want from the available menu) option is available from these streaming Indian television channels.

I found this Bollywood khajana by coincidence while searching for on-demand Hollywood movies. I am sure there are more options, may be better ones. So, feel free to share your experiences about different ways to access Bollywood movies in your countries.

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