Summer of 2012

Time – infinite moments put together, one after another.
Moments adding up to the continuous flow of life.
The tree of life growing moment by moment, day-by day, season-by-season.
The moments – sweet and sour – some memorable, most of them forgettable.
Summer. The summer of 2012; another season.
Another phase, another period punctuated by the scattered memories.
Summer of 2012, summed up in one word – heat.
Relentless heat; unforgettable!!

Heat, the dry heat.
The endless summer heat-wave.
Long days of summer and the long periods of droughts.
No rains for weeks, a rare tease of light sprinkles in between.
Dry ground. Dry ponds.
Dead grass, thirsty gardens.
Thirsty gardens, cornless cobs, shriveling fruits, withering leaves….
The sun bombarding the earth every moment of day, day after day
The never ending summer of 2012…

The hot summer of 2012.
Birds gone, scarcely found.
Perhaps confused, flown away in search of water..
Empty nests, quiet mornings; no chirping sounds on the windowsills.
Even mornings sun too hot.
Too hot outdoors to go for a walk.
Long days, long endless days.
Blistering heat taking the toll on young and old..

The summer heat.
The scorching hot ground, the deserted pathways.
The empty tracks; the the empty playgrounds.
The beaches closed and forgotten.
Very few shelters to avoid the hot sun,
a few hideouts, a few escapes.
A summer heat like never before…

Perhaps, a reminder of changing climate, perhaps a fluke.
Perhaps global warming, a taste of future trends!
Makes you think;
Makes you wonder – what is next!!

The time goes on, the present becomes past – the memories…

The time goes on;
The August arrives.
The August.
Finally, a cool breeze for a change.
The clouds reappear,
the dark ones- the ones full of rain.
The heavy rains, the drenching rains.
The nature in healing. Finally!!
August – a welcome change from dry heat.
A cold chill in the morning air, the old familiar mornings of yester years.
The birds chirping outside the balconies again.
The days getting smaller, a reminder that the summer is gone, almost.

Goodbye, the summer of 2012!

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