Naming a baby girl

“Yesterday, we were blessed with our second child”, he wrote an email to his friends and family members. “A beautiful baby girl – 7.25 lb, 16.5 inches, brown hair, brown eyes,.. not sure who she looks like.” He ended the email with an open invitation to all, “Cannot decide on the name, suggestions welcome! :)”

Kiran, his wife, wanted to name her Navee; she had always liked that name.
“Umm… not sure about this one!” He quipped.
“It is a cool name, and easy to pronounce, even for Canadians!” she insisted

“What would you like to call your sister?” Kiran asked Sonia, her 6 years old daughter.
“I don’t know”, she was mesmerized by the little thing, “She is so cute! Name her princess!”
“Well, you are my princess!”
“Now you have two!” She giggled

His mother sat in the chair next to the hospital bed, holding the baby, rocking her gently every now and then. She wanted a son, but she was content with God’s will!
“Every child is born with a predetermined luck – a destiny!” She had said when the doctor first gave them the news. “We cannot change it, it is His decision!” She pointed up with her index finger.

“Well mom! What do you want to call your granddaughter?” He turned to his mom.
“The Name has to start with letter J; that is what the priest at the Gurdwara told me this morning.”
“What!…really?” Kiran said, sitting up quickly in her bed, and then leaning back again; her body was still recovering from child-birth that lasted more than 4 hours.
“yes, he said a prayer for the baby; then, he opened the Holy Book and this is the letter for the baby’s name; it has to start with J.”
She paused, and then announced, “jasdeep is a good name!”
“No Ma, it is not!” Kiran responded, “Also, it won’t work in this country!”
“Then, how about jaspreet?”
Nobody said anything; Kiran just grunted with disagreement.

Next day, he sent another email to their friends and family, along with a few pictures of the newborn. He also invited new name suggestions starting with letter ‘J’. He got tons of responses. Many called with their recommendations! Some of the names they liked – Jasmine, Jamie, Jasna, Jessie…., rest of them, they did not.

They debated, they argued, they decided on one name, then changed their decision within hours…. the saga continued for two days…

“Well, have you decided on the name?” The nurse inquired the next day. The baby and the mother were being discharged from the hospital after 3 days. The nurse was holding a birth certificate, filled in with all the information, except the baby’s name.
“yes”, He responded.
Everyone turned to look at him, half confused and half surprised.
“It is Navee!” He said in a calm voice, ” N-A-V-E-E” He spilled it for the nurse as she filled-in the Vancouver General Hospital Birth Certificate.
“Cool name!” the nurse said with a smile and walked out!

A long pause; nobody said anything. His mom sat in the chair, holding the baby still, no longer rocking. She was content; 54 years of life experience had taught her to be content, even when things did not go her way. Kiran was quiet; a faint smile lightening up her tired face.

“Let’s gather up things, time to go home!”  Kiran announced, feeling a sudden boost of energy in her fatigued frame.

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