An interview with Anna Hazare

An Exclusive interview of ANNAJI – ‘Father of the Modern India’

This post is a guest contribution from Shweta Nagpurkar Saxena, based on her recent interview with Anna Hazare.

The video is an excellent glimpse into the mind of Anna Hazare. This is an unbiased interview with no strings; straight forward questions with straight forward answers including a vital message for every Indian – home or abroad. As always, Annaji’s message carry a sincere appeal for everybody – to love and support your Motherland no matter where you live.

Here is the Youtube link to Shweta’s interview with Anna Hazare!

His message is simple yet powerful. The key takeaway points from the interview, in his own words, are:

1] “The one who lives for himself and dies one day…..dies forever. whereas, the one who lives for others and dies……Lives forever”.

2] “Even animals, birds take birth/ live/ eat-drink and die……then what is the difference between them and us? We Humans should use our brains for the constant development of self and the Nation”.

3] “Indians abroad should continue loving their Country and supporting our anti-corruption movement. This is just the beginning. We need EVERY Indian to join hands in this crusade. Jai Hind”.

In this brief interview with Annaji, Shweta brings a noble message for all of us – for all Indians living around the globe. For direct contact, she can be reached at

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