Are you in the right Job or occupation? The Monday morning test!

Jobs and occupations – Evaluating your current work options!

Tokyo Women’s Medical University study, published in the American Journal of Hypertension, shows that many workers suffer a significant increase in blood pressure as they return to the office after the weekend.

Other researches show that the most common day for heart attacks is Monday. Statistics spike on Monday mornings, in particular, since heart attacks occur between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. more than any other six-hour period.

How much do you really like your job or occupation? How you feel on Monday morning may be the real test of your career choice and the occupation. There are very few who enjoy waking up Monday morning, looking forward to the work. After a relaxing weekend, nobody want to go back to the job routine. After all, as name says it all, work is just that – work!

Most of us work as a necessity; there is no choice but finding a way to make the living. There are very few who have combined their work with their favorite hobby. If your work is also your hobby, well then you may not know much about the Monday morning blues!

How stressed you are on Monday morning may be the real test of your carrier choice – how well you like your job and the work-place. If you feel like having a heart attack every Monday, or every other day for that matter, then you should certainly reconsider your work options – find a way to deal with the stress more effectively or look for a different job. After all, health should come before work, or that is how it should be prioritized.

It is easier said than done, but it is not impossible!
For healthy living, we are supposed to minimize those things/burdens in life that give us the most headache. If you are sacrificing your health for your job, may be it is about time to take another look at your work options and how you can take the stress out of it. Maybe you really need to make the hard choice and find a different occupation. Making the hard choices is very difficult, but often the right thing to do.

Take a good look at your life and see what stresses you the most. Perhaps, it is not work; who knows, maybe you feel relieved when you leave your house and go to work! Unfortunately, people find it easier to change their life-partners these days than changing their occupations. Perhaps we don’t take work as seriously as our personal lives.

The reality is, just like everything else in life, we should give a serious consideration to our choices in jobs and occupations.

Testing yourself on a Monday morning is not a bad thing. Ask yourself as you wake up on Monday morning, “How am I really feeling?” ” Can you take it for the rest of your life?” Let us not kid ourselves, be your own judge! Look for all the options out there; are you on the right path? What can you do to have a more pleasant Monday morning, and a better life as a result!!

So, think again. Look at the complete picture; there is a path out of every maze. Just like many other wrong choices in life, a bad choice in job or occupation may eventually kill you!

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