How well you Know Anna Hazare? – A Quiz!

Anna Hazare has become a very popular Indian figure – home and abroad. Until recently, very few people had heard of him.
How well do you know this man! Well, know it for yourself. Here is the quiz on this mysterious man:
Quiz 10:

Commonly known as Anna Hazare, his real name is:

Anna Hazare is:

Anna Hazare became famous for leading:

To exert pressure on the Indian government, main tool or method used by Anna Hazare is:

Anna Hazare received Padma Bhushan award for transforming this village to one of the model examples in the country:

During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was:

Anti-corruption social activists and Anna Hazare are proposing this Bill to deter corruption at all levels of government.

In Mid August 2011, Hazare planned indefinite hunger strike. To avoid public gatherings and protests, the government went into action and:

To show their support for Hazare and anti-corruption movement, thousands gathered at:

Anna Hazare is:

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