Cricket World Cup 2011 – A Quiz

A set of 10 questions and multiple choice format – this is a simple quiz related to Cricket World Cup 2011.
Are you a cricket fan and did you follow the World Cup?
Try this quiz and see for yourself!!
Good Luck!

The 2011 Cricket World Cup was co-hosted by:

India won the World Cup 2011 tournament, defeating which team in the final?

The Opening Ceremony was held in which country?

The biggest upset of the tournament was the defeat of England by........

In the final match - the championship game, who was adjudged the man of the match?

Who was declared the man of the tournament?

The much publicized semifinal between India and Pakistan was played in which city?

From Indian Team, who was the highest total run scoring player in the tournament?

Which teams made to the semifinals in 2011 cup?

Who did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invite to join him to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup semifinal match in Mohali?

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