Thank you New Year, this time I mean it

Dear New Year!
Welcome! I have been waiting for you since… um..Christmas!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for arriving on time. Really, I mean it. It is hard to believe what a difference a day can make; well, in this case – a night!

The whole thing is so sweet, the world watching your arrival with a crazy zeal, with joyful frenzy!  As the seconds tick-tock to midnight – in those few seconds, a brand new year is born! And, the entire previous is forgotten, just in those few moments! All the sorrows of the ‘last’ year, all the unkept promises, all the unresolved goals – everything becomes an old past – obsolete. It is amazing how good we are at forgetting yesterday; our selective memory-loss is something to be um….proud of.

And rightfully so. Why should I mourn the dying past if there is choice to celebrate the future, to celebrate the birth of a new year!

So, drear New Year, as you can see, this is a new chapter of my life. I have written off the last year already – completely forgotten. I have even replaced my old resolutions with new ones – simple cut and paste.

Now, with new optimism, I am planning something big, something great, something large! For a change, I really want to DO something this year. I know, I know,… I have said this before to your elder brother – the last year, or perhaps many others before that. But, let the bygones be bygones. Let the past be a history. This time I am dead serious; this time, I am motivated to make a difference in my life.

I can already feel it – the good karma surrounds me on this new dawn. I can feel the optimism all around me; I am not talking about the smell of the booze!

Oh, and one more thing my drear New Year, this time I am really counting on you too. I hope you understand my expectations, my high hopes that I have for you. So, remember that, I am watching you like a hawk. I wish and hope that you take me seriously this time and stand by me to meet all my goals, to help me keep my resolutions.

And, if you don’t support me, my dear, you shall see my ugly side. If you disappoint me or if we have any sort of falling apart, you won’t be happy, I can tell you that already. Believe me, if things start to get bad to worse, I will forget you just as fast as I have forgotten the ‘last year’.

Believe me, it is not the vodka in me that is saying all this; it is not all those mixed drinks making me brag or talk nonsense. This time, it is me in my all seriousness. You better believe it, and get used to the new ME! This time I promise, unlike the promises from last year. I can tell you already, you are going to be a year to remember, at least for me!
Now, where is my drink! Oh there, right in front of me!!
Thank you New Year, this time I mean it!!

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