Pardesi songs! Best Bollywood songs for the NRIs and Indians abroad!

The best pardesi songs – Best Bollywood songs with NRIs and ‘Indians abroad’ theme!

Pardesi is someone living away form their mother land, living away from home in another country, a foreigner. This article is dedicated to all those pardesi souls and NRIs around the world.

The ‘pardesi songs’ often carry the theme and the emotions of Indians living abroad. Being away from their birth-place, being separated from their loved ones left behind, starting a new life in a new country… and the distance itself – a mixture of emotions come into the picture. There are lots of patriotic songs and good ones too. However, the ones included here are more related to the unique situations of living overseas, rather than regular patriotic songs. Here are some of the best Bollywood songs that many NRIs and Indians living abroad can relate to:

1. Chithi Aayee hai (Movie: Naam): One of the best songs that directly connects to all the feelings of Indians who have migrated from India, but still miss their motherland. Beautiful lyrics tell a touching story of an average immigrant.
Tune paisa bahut kamaya
Es paise ne des chhudaya….

Pankaj Udhas’s melodious voice adds to the appeal of this evergreen and super-hit song.

2. Bharat ka rehne walaa hoon (Movie: Purab Aur Pachhim): ‘Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada / Jab Zero Diya Mere Bharat Ne’ is one of the most memorable song that highlights the virtues of India and the Indian culture, especially for those who live overseas. This number has ideal settings – featured in England with crowd including Indians, hippies and English audience. Mahendra Kapoor’s voice and Manoj Kumar’ acting is a winning combination.

3. Ye dooriyan (Movie: Love Aaj Kal) : The song filmed on Deepika Dadukone and Saif Ali Khan is all about the ‘distance’ from loved ones. Anyone living abroad can relate to this song, a number with great composition and brilliant lyrics.
Aa raha paas, ya door mein ja raha
Janu na mein hoon kahan pe…

It has a natural flow, and is a hybrid of modern folk and classical gazal – a lovely song by any standard.

4. Yeh Jo des hai tera (Movie: Swades): This is one of the most melodious songs from A. R. Rahman. The lyrics and the scenes bring out the emotions of being Indian and being far away from home. With SRK in the lead and beautiful filming, the song highlights all the nostalgic feelings often experienced by Indian diaspora.

5. No life without wife (Movie: Bride & Prejudice): Yes, this is not one of those emotional or sad songs, for a change. However, this cleverly performed dance number sums up the feelings and the irony of the situation that NRIs and their spouses go through. The refreshing song has the ever-pretty Aishwarya Rai in the lead. It is a befitting satire on the NRI marriages.
Lonely Mr Kholi from Los Angeles
Came to Punjab on one bent knee
He had a Green Card, new house, big cash
Still made a wish with every fallen lash
Poor Mr Kholi
He has no life without wife…

6. Chithi na koi sandesh, jane vo kaun sa desh (Movie: Dushman) : Jagjit Singh’s voice and soul-touching lyrics are the hallmark of this lovely song. The wording relates to anyone and everyone who miss their loved ones.

7. Ghar aaja pardesi (Movie: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – DDLJ): Refreshing scenery, lovely wording and a great cast. The song is sung in bits and pieces in the movie, but is melodious and meaningful throughout. The scenes have a touch of Punjab – a land that is no strangers to NRIs.

8. Sandese aate hain (Movie: Border): Another beautiful song, filmed on the soldiers away from their home, and their families waiting for them to return home. The lyrics summarize the homesickness and the pain of separation. The immigrants can easily connect to the song and its feelings, in entirety.

9. Pardesiyon se na ankhiyan milana (Movie: Jab Jab Phool Khile): A simple piece of advice in this song – never fall in love with those who live abroad. This is one of the many evergreen gems with brilliant lyrics from the most versatile singer – Mohd Rafi. Lata has also sung the same song, and equally beautifully.

10. O jane wale ho sake to laut ke aana (Movie: Bandini): A touching and soulful song from one the most melodious singers – Mukesh. Shailendra’s lyrics and S D Burman’s music created this masterpiece. NRIs living away from home, far away from their loved ones can intimately understand the emotions here.

11. Aa ab laut chale (Movie: Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai) : Probably suits to anybody planning to return home. The combination of Raj Kapoor’s acting and Mukesh’s voice often result in memorable hit songs; and this is one of them.

Now, which one did I miss that you think should be on this list? Comment below and share your favorites. 🙂

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