May the Light be with you!

The light – the source of life. The light is the origin of every living thing. Light is the foundation of this universe. Without the warmth of sun, this galaxy would be frozen and lifeless.

A seed needs light to burst out of ground – to defy gravity and grow into a giant tree. A newborn needs light for the life support. A frozen and still pond waits all winter for the touch of the spring, for the warm sun-rays, to melt back into fluid water, water that supports life for all creatures – on earth or under water.

The light enables our sight, makes us see things. Without light we are missing the most important human sense. It is impossible to imagine a universe without the ability to see.

There is no such thing as dark; dark is just absence of light – absence of a necessity. That is why in many cultures around the globe including in India, light is always compared to knowledge, and darkness to ignorance.

Light is something we should celebrate every day. Light is the blessing we often ignore, often overlook.

Today on the auspicious day of Diwali, let’s celebrate light. After all, it is a festival of light – a festival that signifies knowledge, warmth and life.

So, look around, feel the light, enjoy the light, celebrate the light….
Live the light….
Be the light….
After all, light is life!

Long live the light that sustains life!

Happy Diwali!

Happy Deepavali!

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