Moving Overseas! Is Your Family Ready?

The world has become a very mobile now-a-days. Nobody spends the whole life at one place, or even in one country. Traveling has become a necessary part of everyday living. Going abroad, trying new places, visiting new countries, exploring new cultures…all this has become a common undertaking.

When you move to a new country for a long studies or for a job, you have to leave behind so much. The family, the friends, the home, your own country…this all becomes a part of the nostalgic memories of living in India. Those childhood days, college fun, home food, Indian culture and traditions …. all this can never be replaced or forgotten.

Moving overseas brings its own excitement. You are eager to see new places, make new friends and explore your things. However, it is a fact that you cannot ignore your loved ones far-away who are going to miss you and feel your absence day and night. Just like you, your family and friend are left behind with your memories alone to remember you by.

Every family is different and so are the reactions to the departure of a family member. Nobody is ever ready to separate from their loved ones. However, there are a few simple things that you can do to help your family accept the fact that your overseas move is not so bad after all. These commonsense and easy-to-follow tips can make this separation more tolerable, for you and for your family:

1. Discuss you decision to go abroad: Once you have decided to move, share the news with your family well in advance, and then with the rest of the world. Some family members and relatives might discourage you from leaving the country. Especially in the beginning, they may be against your idea of going away. It takes time to accept such a big news. It may also help if you have a calm and collected approach to the whole thing. Explain your reasoning or purpose for doing so; share the positive factors behind your decision to go abroad. Most of the parents and families feel a pride in this decision.

2. Family Time: The days and months before you leave are always very hectic. You are bound to get occupied in your packing, passport/visa formalities, shopping, insurance, health checkup, etc. You may not realize how the time could fly by. Spend some quality time with your loved ones; set aside some family time before you head overseas. This will surely result in some good memories for rest of your life.

3. Be Positive and optimistic: Keep and maintain a cheerful attitude while you are still at home. Stay positive and be optimistic around your family and friends. Avoid any kind of overly emotional situations.

4. Your first call home: Once you departure and leave your home and your country, it could be tough to adjust to the change for the both sides – you and your family. The distance may be hard to accept; the feeling of loneliness can make you feel homesick. At times like this, maintain your inner strength. Your family may be concerned about your well being while you travel overseas. The moment you arrive at your new destination, make sure to contact your family and keep them posted on your whereabouts.

5. Hello, Can you feel me?: During your first few months in the new country, make sure to keep in close touch with your family and friends. Phone is still the most common mode of international communication. The international calling is quite cheap and affordable these days. Being able to hear the voice of your loved ones on the other side of the line is priceless.

6. Online and creative communications: There are so many other ways to stay connected. Be creative. Send your friends and family pictures of the new place. Create a Facebook account and share your daily status and latest pictures. You can also make free calls through Skype or chat online via yahoo/MSN. There are all kinds of apps to stay connected via smart phones now-a-days. The whole online world is within your reach

7. Write a letter, for goodness sake 🙂 : It is never a bad idea to use the conventional way of writing and posting/mailing letter to those who may not be so well-versed with the internet and computers. Also, unlike an email or MSN message, you can physically touch and feel the letters from your loved ones. A letter with colorful stamps from a new country has its own appeal.

8. Adapt and adjust to the new place: Now that you are in a new country, address your immediate needs. Learn about your new home, get to know the surroundings and find a way to adapt to the new place. This may take some time. Make new friends, develop a daily routine, adjust to the local culture, learn the local language and the local accent…. also, a good way to stay busy! And, while you are adjusting to the new place, stay connected with your family back home in India.

Whatever you do abroad – work, study, travel…, don’t forget that there are always some loved ones back home, thinking of you!

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