Independence Day has become just a Feel Good Day

Happy Independence Day!

There is nothing new to say, nothing different than what we said last year on this day of August 15, the Indian Independence Day!

The Independence Day celebration has become just that – a day of mere celebration. There is nothing more to it. Every year on this sacred day, the politicians brag about our country; we memorialize and praise the sacrifices of all those who fought for freedom. Patriotic songs fill the air with a spirit of inspiration and bravery.

Home or abroad, August 15 is a day of pride for India and Indians, no doubt. It is a good day to remember our past, our history, our roots. It is one of biggest milestone in our nation’s history. However, year after year, with same repeat celebrations and ceremonies, we are actually undermining the importance of this day.

Many national and regional leaders use this day to make new promises, adding to the long list of useless and unfulfilled political assurances. The Indians living around the globe find another excuse for a parade, or a party or any other social event – whatever tickles your fancy.

The biggest upside – for the kids and the grown-ups in India, is that it is another holiday. No school, no school-work, no office work. That in itself is a reason to celebrate!

Yes, it is important to remember the forefathers of our struggle for freedom; it is a day to pat on our own backs and tell ourselves how good we are. And, that is about all we do on this day.

The I-Day has become just a ‘feel good’ day.

The inspirations from the freedom fighters, their dreams, the chatter about future milestones fill the airwaves – the speeches from the leaders. However, the concrete steps to eliminate corruption, the plans to reduce poverty, or ideas to become a more self-dependent country…..those discussions are often shallow, just like any other day!

Today is the day of celebration. Let’s not spoil what we are good at doing – year after year celebrations! Rinse and repeat!

So, raise your toast to another day of self-indulgence:

Happy Independence Day India!

Feels good as a wish huh! But that’s about it – just a feel-good wish!
By tomorrow, we won’t even remember much of it; like any other yesterday, the memory of this day is already fading!

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4 Replies to “Independence Day has become just a Feel Good Day”

  1. One doubt.. instead of pointless and redundant celebration, what can be done in it’s place?

    I talked to my father in law about this. He is ‘older than modern India!’ He was born before Independence. He says at the time of Independence people had some meaningful celebrations (I am sorry to forget the details) but now …. people just don’t do that anymore. This is a question for all countries with an Independence day that have lost it’s meaning- how to celebrate meaningfully and give respect to the people who give us the Independence?

    I’d like to see an article on your impressions on Indian vs. American Independence day. 🙂

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