Me and the Yogi inside – My experiments with Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga – a new craze! It is everywhere! Maybe it is a fashion for the modern day fitness fanatics. Or perhaps, it is for real. After all, it is not that easy to sell snake-oil now-a-days. You cannot fool so many people into something with daily commitment!

I did not know much about Hot Yoga. So, I thought I should try it and see what the whole craze is about.

I Googled ‘Hot Yoga’ for nearby location and guess what – nothing in my area! But that did not stop me me from experimenting. I thought I could do this at my own; how hard it could be! So, I searched the technique and the routines for Hot Yoga, long live the Wikipedia.

Now, my problem with Hot Yoga is that each session is supposed to lasts 90 minutes. That is like sacrificing almost two hours of my sleep. I already am starting to hate the idea. And, on top of that, there are a series of postures and breathing exercises. Oh, and that’s not all, the Yoga session requires a room temperature of 105°F with high humidity.

The whole thing is getting too complicated for me. I was hoping that going out in the hot summer sun and sitting on my butt in the humid weather for a while would be enough.  However, that’s not what it is.
Why do everything that I want to try looks so simple, but turns out so complicated in the end??

As I was feeling discouraged by the whole arrangement, I thought that reading the benefits of the Hot Yoga might motivate me. The concept looks good on paper: it seems like cure-for-all problems – better flexibility, stress relief. better for joints, better blood circulation and even better stamina…. I can use some stamina! All impressed, I continued the half-hearted trial for the sake of the yogi inside me.

By the way, it feels good to call myself ‘yogi’. Perhaps I don’t qualify yet, but it is the state of mind, I am told. And, in my mind I am a yogi now. 🙂

The outdoor temperature in the Midwest is already hitting 90°F, close enough! So, for a few days, I tried Hot Yoga outside  – on my patio, in the hot sun. I am already feeling better. To incorporate more heat and multitask, I decided to use the barbecue grill and sit close to it. The nice smell of grilling chicken adds an additional dimension to the outlook! Who knew that ‘mouth watering’ could be a nice side-effect of my experiment! 🙂

I have not felt the common side-effects of dizziness and nausea that many beginners feel, except for one day. But looking back, the dizziness that day  may have been the smoke inhalation from the grill itself!

It feels good to be a yogi!!

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