Bollywood Quiz – Kishore Kumar, the legend

Kishore Kumar – one for the all-time great voices of Hindi film music. The quiz 6 below is based on the trivial questions about this legendary Bollywood playback singer.

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Kishore Kumar's legal name was:

Kishore Kumar was famous for this style of singling that involved making a high-low-high-low sound (an extended note which rapidly and repeatedly changes in pitch from the vocal or chest register to the falsetto/head register).

Kishore Kumar's son also became a Bollywood singer in 1980s, his name is

This actor was commonly supported by Kishore Kumar's voice as a playback singer in the film songs:

Kishore Kumar's second wife was the famous actress.....

During the Indian Emergency (1975–1977), Sanjay Gandhi asked Kishore Kumar to sing for a Congress rally in Mumbai, but Kishore Kumar refused. As a result, the Government put a ban on playing Kishore Kumar songs on....

Kishore Kumar won 1982 filmfare award for this famous song from Namak Halaal:

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  2. This was the easiest quiz in the world, especially for a die hard Kishore Kumar fan like myself. You should make it harder.

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