USA Census 2010: Make yourself count as Asian Indians II

This is a follow-up post on the previous article USA Census 2010: Make yourself count as Asian Indians.

You can always find an excuse for not responding to the census. But remember, the count is important to your own community. Don’t complain later, if/when your own community is short-handed on funding for a project that you always wanted, or your district lines are redrawn because of the population shift. A complete and accurate count of your community brings in larger chunk of government funds when allocations are calculated for public services.

Census is not new; it has been happening every ten years since 1790. The Census has a very far reaching impact on our statistics as a country and also for different races. For example, Census stats play a key role in genealogy research as well. Without the Census records you (or your grand-grand kids in the future) may not be able to trace your family roots. I know this may sound like a stretch, but are creating an official family history by participating.

So, use that postage paid envelope to return your form in a timely manner. It does not cost you anything, just some time to fill up your information. This also avoids future visits from the Census workers, who go door-to-door for the houses that do not send back the information.

In case you have questions like: What if I never received the form? What happens to my information that I provide?…You may want to take a look ate the previous post linked above. For common questions, you can also refer to a well written article from CNN: Census Day questions answered.

If you still have more questions, go the Census 2010 Official website.

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