Quality of life abroad – going in circle

‘Quality of life’ is often quoted as one of the key reasons for migrating to a more developed country – a better place. For example, some the common reasons for migrating from India to Europe, Australia or North America include:

  • Better economy, higher income abroad,
  • Search of better employment,
  • Better education system or higher education,
  • Better medical facilities,
  • Ability to start and operate a business with minimum political and social corruption,
  • Social and cultural experience of traveling and living abroad
  •  Exploring new places, learning new languages
  •  A better global outlook – the firsthand experience is a real eye opener… etc.

All these facilities and much more developed infra structure, combined with financial advantages, add to the comforts of day-to-day life abroad. As a result, all this leads to a better quality of life.

Over the last many years, however, there have been lots of discussions about expatriates and NRIs going back home. There is even a cool term coined for it – ‘R2I’ : return to India.

Now, why are so many Indians returning to India? Guess what! One of the most common reasons for R2I is ‘quality of life’ – better life back in the mother land.

So, many of us first leave India looking for a better life abroad. After years, or decades – whatever the circumstances dictate – we head back to India, looking for a better life. Going in circle is the irony of life.

Living overseas, and then returning home – are we going in circle for nothing? Probably not, there is always a good reason, always something to gain. Financial stability, global social interactions and new experiences are some of the lasting advantages of going abroad.

However, once we are financially stable, we start to wish for other luxuries and comforts of life including living in our own culture, being close to our extended families, nostalgic reasons to relive the good old days,…. going back to India.

Our priorities and goals change with time. It’s our nature; we are never satisfied with what we have, what we got in our hand. We are always more interested in what we don’t have in our possession. We are always looking for something better – the next step. We are never content in present. And, in this ambitious search for ‘a better life’, we lose the real quality of present life.

The irony of life is that we spend away the prime years of our life searching for something better, something more perfect than present.

Maybe it’s about time to take a pause and look at our priorities and what is most more important to us, what matters the most to us today. We are too busy and too occupied trying to improve the quality of the future life, and sacrificing the present as a result. It is our nature, we like to relive the past and day-dream the futures. We often forget that life happens in the present.

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