Slow down genius, it’s just a journey!

Dedicated to all the workaholics, high-achievers and fast paced lifestyle individuals of today

Yes, you have done a lot; accomplished so many goals, conquered many peaks. With you, it is all about achievements, it is all about the end-results, it is all about marching to the top. The success is ‘a must’ to stroke your ego; basking in the glory of victories has become a habit of yours.

Yes, you are scared of failures, just like a fox scared of its own shadow. You may have seen some thrilling ups and scary downs, but up is all you desire. Everything has to be your way. You are scared of uncertainties – the unwanted side-effected of your grand endeavors.

You have survived a lot around you, you probably have seen more than you can process. The fear of failures and the greed of success keep you going nonstop – day and night.

Yes, you have accomplished a lot; but, what for?

Have you taken a break lately and looked back? All those successes and all those milestones constantly keep moving to the next big thing. Where does it end? When do you call it the final destination and say, “That’s it, I am done!”

Regardless of your past with all your achievements, you always have something to do, something more to conquer – the next goal.

No matter how much you do, how big your goal is, how fast you go – there will always be something waiting. Yes, go save the planet, there will be something waiting after that – to be saved, to be rescued.

It is about time you rescue yourself, it is about time you slow down and admire the journey; let go of the destination for once. Take a break, smell a flower along the way. Or even better – exhale! It is good for you; really, try it!!

There will always be something to do, something to prove. It is a monster you have created for yourself.

Don’t consume yourself in the journey of life; enjoy it rather.

At this pace, at this restless speed, the illusion of success or the next big thing will perish you one day; one day much sooner that your family and friends would like you to go.

So, slow down genius, take a break. The life is a journey, not a destination.

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