Online American visa application for Indians

US rolls out new online American visa application for Indians

USA has just introduced an online non-immigrant application for Indian nationals. This is to meet the increased demand for American Visas in India. The same online process is being rolled out in others countries as well, but with different launch dates.

The American Embassy released a statement outlining the initiative. As one can expect, the main purpose is to improve and speed-up the process as number of visa applications being filed continues to grow exponentially.

Starting January 19, 2010, the American Embassy and its consulates in India will introduce a new DS-160 form, which will be available online. Starting February 1, for all non-immigrant visa appointments, applicants will need to fill out an online form. The DS-160 Online, Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application, replaces current non-immigrant application form DS-156, and certain other related forms.

According to the statement, the new form is expected to cut American Visa processing delays, allowing applications to be pre-processed and pre-screened before an applicant’s interview. The statement also indicates that the demand for American visas has been escalating in India over the years, with the four American consulates in the country processing 725,000 visas in 2007 – a 58 per cent increase from 2006.

India is currently ranked among the top 10 countries of visitors to the US.

For more details on the new online process, refer to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions for the Online DS-160 Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application’ from U.S. Department of State, linked below as a source.

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American Visa Bureau statement

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  1. how can we apply online american visa to visit as our daughter is living in Houston
    Yasharth, Advocate a/a 56 years

  2. I was working in Isreal before 3 years. as a care taker I am from India so, I want to come to work in US. could u plz tell me it’s a possible or not ? thank you.

  3. I am bilding contractor and tiles furnitures plumbering colors ets work doing and I was go to Ingland and I came back India so I want english contry visa

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