Bollywood Quiz 5 – The Idiots and a Dog

The Bollywood Quiz 5 is based on the Bollywood news and movies as of  early 2010.
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Here is the latest – Bollywood Quiz 5; Good luck: 🙂

According to Eastern Eye's list of the '50 Sexiest Asian Women’, who retains the top spot in their recent annual rank - as the most sexiest Asian woman:

In the Bollywood circles, who is known as the 'perfectionist'?

Chetan Bhagat claims that the movie '3 Idiots' is loosely based on his book titled:

Releasing in February, this upcoming movie, is one of the biggest anticipated movies of 2010:

According to his blog, Aamir Khan used to have a dog named Shahrukh!

SHahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood can be found on Twitter and most recently ‘tweeted’ advice on how to stay healthy and fit.

According to the media reports, at least one person left the '3 idots' movie theater in tears and very upset:

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6 Replies to “Bollywood Quiz 5 – The Idiots and a Dog”

  1. Congratulations – you have completed Quiz 5.

    You scored 6 out of 7.

    ^^^^^ my score!
    According to me, my answer to the 7th question is correct.
    I think the punjabi was in tears, everone else was happy to see such a good movie….:)

  2. “A Punjabi idiot from ‘The Indians Abroad’ who had always thought that idiot meant stupid”

    For your kind information idiot = stupid. You damn idiot!

  3. I still remember when I was in Grade 9, I was a big fan of Bollywood movies. I guess the most popular actor and actress during that time was Shah Rukh Khan and Karisma Kapoor. I am wondering if they are still acting. I used to admire them a lot. When I saw this quiz, it reminds me of the good films back then. I guess I should watch them again.

  4. The provided quiz is simply amazing with multiple tricky questions on famous stars of Bollywood. The main thing is, it also includes some evergreen stars questions which makes to think of them again after a so long time. I enjoyed taking this quiz.

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