10 most common New Year Resolutions

1. Get fit: Many of us like to put this on the top of their list. May be just because it sounds good 🙂 .
2. Lose Weight: This is another common resolution, obviously not working if it is on the list every year. 🙂
3. Break a bad habit: Minimize/quit drinking or smoking or swearing….. Not sure why wait for the New Year to break a habit if it bothers/affects you.
4. Move to another country: India to abroad; or go back to India. We spend lots of our time ‘planning’ to leave home or going back home.
5. Be more organized: Does making a list of resolutions count towards this goal?

6. Spend more time with family and friends: We all should, even without a resolution list.
7. Minimize time on the Internet, especially on Face Book: Enough said!
8. Save more – be less wasteful and more environment friendly: There is a common habit to waste what we have in abundance – time, money, food…Do we really need a resolution for commonsense stuff?
9. Find a job: Lots of people are stressed about the job situation or job security; others haven’t have been as lucky and need a job.
10. Take more chances: Whatever that means. Hiding under the bed worked best for me sometimes when I was a kid
11. Stop making the resolution list and actually do something! 🙂

Happy New Year!

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