50 Money Saving Tips in Everyday Life for Everybody

Simple money-saving ideas in daily life for everybody

Here are some useful tips on how to save money in our everyday life:
1. Drink water: It is good for you and saves on daily cost of soft drinks.
2. Cut down on junk food:  Not good for your pocket, not a healthy choice either.
3. Shopping List: Make a grocery/shopping list before going to the store, so that you buy only what you need. It saves time and money.
4. Walk short distances instead of driving: It saves on gas/fuel, it saves environment and keeps you active.
5. Cut down on excessive TV: Find better use for your time, something less wasteful 🙂
6. Minimize carry-out and eat-out food: Carry-out/eat-out is expensive and not good for healthy eating habits.
7. Don’t need most expensive gifts to please family: Buy something functional and useful instead.
8. Recycle: Recycling saves resources, money and it minimizes waste.
9. Use natural light: This helps with savings on electric bill and is better for eye-sight.
10. Cut down on Air-Conditioning and heating: Install programmable thermostats to save on gas bills.
11. Get your News online: Cut down daily newspaper delivery costs if you can get the news online
12. Avoid Loans: Don’t take a loan unless your life/marriage depends on it. 🙂

13. Avoid late fees on bills and credit cards: Enough said, commonsense.
14. Minimize banking-fees down to zero: Many banks offer this option with no transaction fees.
15. Buy on-sale items: Look for sales on the items that you need.
16. Don’t buy EVERYTHING that is on sale:Make a list of what you need and stick with shopping for only those items.
17. Avoid club memberships that you don’t use: Avoid health-club or any other membership fees for something you seldom use.
18. Shop around for insurance: This can save lots of money on insurance premium.
19. shop around for lowest interest on mortgage or other loans: This can save a lot on interest.
20. Save your identity: Keep your checkbook, your id and credit cards etc. safe and secure from modern ID thieves
21. Holidays shopping in advance: Don’t wait for the last minute, look for bargains in advance.
22. Exercise: Stay active and stay out of hospital
23. Medical insurance: Consider medical insurance depending on your health needs
24. Dental and vision insurance: You may want to buy this if your eyes and teeth need regular care
25. Don’t buy a gas-guzzler car: A fuel-efficient car saves on gas,  it save money, it saves the environment
26. Grow your own vegetables: An excuse for active and healthy lifestyle
27. Cook at home:  This is another good excuse for active and healthy lifestyle
28. Take advantage of benefits at job: Many workplaces offer discounts on related (or affiliated) products and all kinds of other benefits for their employers.
29. Find out what your town/city has to offer: Free local parks, YMCA, any other benefits and discounts from the city….
30. Use coupons: Look for discount or special sale coupons.
31. Combine/bundle services: Many services (e.g. phone, Internet, TV..) are cheaper when bundled by using the same service provider
32. Local Library:Use local library for renting book, renting DVDs, Internet use etc.
33. Sign up for free reward programs: Many credit cards and other services offer programs for frequent users that can accumulate valuable reward points.
34. Divorce is very expensive: Prioritize your personal life. Spend time with your family, and save your marriage. It will save you from financial burden and heartache alike.
35. Maintain your car and house: Regular maintenance can help with preventive savings by avoiding breakdowns and other accidents due to negligence.
36. Budget: Track your spending and control the urge to spend. Stick with your budget.
37. Use energy efficient appliances: Efficient dishwasher and dryers etc. can save lots of energy usage over time
38. Take advantage of the tax laws: Understand the tax laws for real-estate and other local tax-breaks to minimize taxes
39. Save and retain: Don’t throw-out something after one or two use if it can be re-used, saved or retained.
40. Don’t waste money on lotteries: You have a higher chance to be hit by lightening than winning a mega million dollar lottery.
41. Minimize hired-help: Do your own work, it saves money and keeps you active.
42. College saving plan:Investigate tax benefits and other options to save for future college education tuition.
43. Turn off lights, PC and TV etc. when not in use:Be environment friendly. Turn off computer, lights, TV etc. when not in use, or when not needed.  it is a good money saving habit.
44. Minimize drinking liquor: This helps in saving your liver, it saves money and keeps you healthy.
45. Family Planning:Consider Family planning and family size. Kids are very expensive to raise these days. Cuteness comes with a price. 🙂
46. Take a train or a bus: Take a local train instead of driving a car to high traffic (and traffic jam) areas if possible; it saves on gas-money and also on time.
47. Quit smoking: Break the habit. This can save some serious money and will keep you healthy
48. Avoid compulsive shopping: Don’t shop just to feel better; find some other creative ways or hobbies to please yourself. 🙂
49. Minimize shopping trips, shop online: Avoid spending excessive time in the shopping malls and  minimize multiple shopping trips. Shop online if that is a cheaper option.
50. Needs and wants: Understand the difference between what you really need and what you want for luxury or for fun; allocate your budget based on your personal situation.
These simple ideas are good for your pocket, and many of them are equally good for the environment. For the sake of your financial freedom, and for the sake of your future generations, be proactive and do something 🙂 !

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