What! India invented ‘nothing’?

Discussions about discoveries & inventions on Columbus Day

“It’s a non-stop invention, this game of life, and as soon as you think you’ve got it, you lose it.” ~Tim Finn

More than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus left Spain and headed west with 3 ships under his command; his intended destination was India. He seriously underestimated the size of the earth, and was hoping to reach India taking a western ocean route. On October 12, 1492, he ended on a new land – America. Still believing that he had landed in India, he called the native Americans on this new land ‘Indians’.

So what did your forefathers invented or discovered?

There is a long list of the inventions and discoveries that India has made. Not sure how true or accurate those lists are, we will let someone else worry about that. 🙂

However, looking at the discoveries or inventions that came from India, why is it that we always look for the small or little things? ..or it is just a skewed observation? 🙂

For example, here are some of the famous inventions/discoveries that India takes credit for:
Concept of zero: Out for all the number, we decided to invent something that has no value – zero. Come on now, we could have done something higher and larger, right? 🙂

Binary system: How about binary system, a combination of zeros and ones. Yes, we made progress, moved up by one number from zero, but still, we could have invented something bigger, no? The ‘ones’ and ‘zeros’ only?

Infinity: Then, there are some claims that ‘infinity’ in math came from India. Infinity is ‘something very large’, beyond a number can describe. Now we are talking! Something BIG finally came from India. That is something we should brag about. Now, what exactly is infinity? Well, infinity is any number divided by zero!!!
Stuck at zero again??

Water on moon: Data from India’s Chandrayaan-1 satellite confirmed the discovery of water on the moon. We went that far to look for water? We have enough of water in our own backyards; we are surrounded by water already! Why not look for gold and diamonds.  As per our history, Britain stole most of the diamonds from India during their rule, how about some pay-back, huh?

Woohoo! Pajama party: Then Indians also take credit for pajamas! While rest of the world was wandering in the jungles with banana leaves around their waists, we had nice pajamas, right? Now that is worth something!

Negative numbers: Sounds intriguing. However, a negative number is something less than zero. Going backward again!!!

Circle: There are some claims that the ‘circle’ in geometry came from India. There are some countries and civilizations claiming the same. Going in circles now!

On a serious note, all kidding aside, these are some of the ‘small’ inventions and discoveries from India that have made a ‘BIG’ impact on the world.
May be you can name some more inventions, discoveries and the turn-arounds, the bigger ones! 🙂

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8 Replies to “What! India invented ‘nothing’?”

  1. Don’t worry about the past, let our scholars contribute their metal to improve our selves and vide application reach the scratch people. All origin people look for our product.
    1.I have seen 1 thing telecast in our channels that all about the invention ride . the car using water. If so why that guy modified to lift the water from borewells.
    2. Some of students have run the scooter in Anantapur using battery, if so why cannot our place the debate on that and convert old bajaj vehicle to run with their idea. This will save money towards expensive petrol.
    End of my don’t run with not necessary things and make our reformers do take the action.

  2. The greeks get credit for Metaphysics, epistomology and philosphical thought but it is now proven that the vedas pre-dates all of them.

  3. Indians didn’t invent anything. Monkeys can only copy stuff. Have you ever seen the code they write? Total crap.

  4. Neo-Nazi Amerikkkans think they invented everything, but before the Renaissance they were living in poverty and filth worse than anyone in India at the time.
    White pigs only copied the knowledge of India, Persia, China, etc. in the Renaissance, the Middle Ages shows what white “civilization” was like without the knowledge of Indian inventions and mathematics.

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