Life after Diwali

How to handle the after-Diwali blues! 🙁

“The past is behind, learn from it.
The future is ahead, prepare for it.
The present is here, live it.”
~ Thomas Monson

The Diwali celebrations are over. It is about time to clean-up the remains of the burnt candles, put away the party supplies, tidy up the kitchen and rest of the house….

The left-over sweets and treats are disappearing, at least the tastier ones. The festivities are over; back to reality!

For those of us who are lucky to get Diwali holidays or time off, the vacation is over. The kids have to focus back on the school and deal with the burden of homework once again. The grown-up are heading back to work; the boring and monotonous routine of 9 to 5 jobs resumes. It is a struggle every morning to get out of the bed and face the new day.

Welcome to the real world again, the daily grind!

With the winter knocking on the door, it is not uncommon to go through this depressing cycle and mood swings after Diwali celebrations.

Now, how can you boost your spirits again? What can we do to minimize the Diwali nostalgia?

Well, to help deal with this post Diwali syndromes, there are a few adjustments we can make in our thinking and the attitude. To help with the after Diwali blues, here are some of the changes you may want to focus on:

1. Thank God it is quiet again: Think about it. Now that it is all over, you can finally take a break from all the running around. No more chaos; no more decorations to worry about; no more cooking the special feasts. The deafening sound of loud music and fireworks is a past history.

2. Forget sugar, think healthy again: No more sweets, sugar or Diwali treats. It is is a good thing – for your body, for you health. All the food and drinking – you can do it only for so long. End of Diwali is not all that bad; now you can get back to a healthy life style!

3. Indoor activities: Now, if you really miss all the activities, you can always find some appropriate replacements to keep you busy. With freezing cold around the corner, you can focus on indoor stuff.  Read a book that you always wanted to; find an indoor hobby. Or simply, relax and spend some alone-time, or with family; it is good for your body and soul. Meditate or consider something else that you would do to calm down after the hectic days of the festival.

4. Join a gym: Don’t like to meditate at home or other passive activities? If you are an outdoor person or someone who loves to stay active, winter is a good time to consider joining a fitness club. To shed those few extra pounds from all the good-eats, or just for fun – gym is a good place to start.

5. Hobby time: Quiet times are the best times to try something that you always wanted to, but never had time for. Consider a new hobby; rekindle an old romance with something or someone – whatever appeals to your heart and soul.

6. Halloween and shopping season next: In America, the real festival season has not even kicked off. The Halloween follows right after Diwali. The Thanksgiving, the Black Friday and the shopping season…. If you really like all the hustle and bustle, there is always something to look forward to. It is not over yet, things are just getting started, for those who like to party and shop!

7. Merry Christmas and Happy new year: Hope keeps us alive. With Diwali gone, we can think of the next festivities down the road. In Western countries, Christmas brings lot more holidays and lot more celebrations. So, no need to feel all depressed; Mr. Claus is coming to town!

It is a matter of how we look at tomorrow. The quiet times after the festivities are good to recover and recoup. There are always some healthy alternates and new things one can try during these times. For those who are always on the go and love the rush of the festivals, there is no shortage of excuses – just look a little farther out! There is a life after Diwali.

So, Enjoy the autumn before the winter freeze takes over! For our friends down under – in Australia and rest of the Southern Hemisphere – the spring is already in full bloom, one more reason to cheer up!

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