The Autumn: The fall, the colors, the change, the festivals…


“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower” ~ Albert Camus

It was summer yesterday; today’s morning brings the season of autumn – a reminder that the long sunny days are almost history now, the winter chill is waiting around the corner.
Yes, the autumn is here, the season of melancholy. Many consider this to be the time of solitude, other call it a perfect calm to get in touch with spirituality.
The nature, fading green to grey. The colorful leaves are getting ready to fall – the aging effect. In the beauty of colors lies the reality that gold never stays….
The fall – the fading summer. It is time to take out the blankets, get the quilts ready for upcoming winter…..
The seasonal birds are ready to fly south….

Sounds pretty gloomy, right? May be not; you be the judge:

Just look around. Step outside and look at the Mother Nature. Everything is so colorful. The green leaves are slowly turning – to yellow, to gold, to crimson red!…. The canvas of mixed colors stand on every river bank, on every pond, along every street…. A magical view; just like any modern art – so random, yet so scenic. An illusion of paradise, some might say.
Everything around us is a reminder of transition. The fall is a taking over where the summer left. The life goes on; nothing wrong with it.

In many countries including USA, the new season of autumn – the ‘fall’, begins on September 22. The farmers welcome the fall season with new hopes. The pumpkins are turning gold; the corn-ears are ready to be picked. The long summer toils in the farms are finally ready to pay off; the crops are ripe for the harvest season. As they say, if you do not sow in the spring you will not reap in the autumn. …but only if you didn’t sow…I am sure you did… 🙂 !

And, when it comes to the kids, there is no time for solitude or melancholy. The summer break is over; the schools are back in session. With new friends from the new classes, the new adventures have already begun. The Halloween season is around the corner, it is time to decide on the costumes for trick-or-treats. It is time to get the bags ready; the loads of candies and sweets wait to be collected and consumed!

The stores and markets are getting ready for the new shopping seasons. The Thanksgivings holidays will soon jump-start the Christmas sales everywhere. It is time to replenish the supplies and stock up the inventories with new fashions and new trends. For young and old alike, there is something to look forward to – the new toys, the new stuff, and the new excuses to shop!

In India and for Indians all round the world, the autumn is a special time of the year. It is time to get ready for festivals. Diwali (Dipavali) –the festival of lights – is just around the corner. The joyous kids are starting to plan for the fireworks. It is time to start decorating the houses and verandahs. The fall season marks the time when families gear up for ‘cleansing and purifying’ the houses and souls alike. The elders worship and pray for happiness and health of the family, the kids and grown-ups enjoy the sweets and feasts of new season.
It seems like spirituality and celebrations are a good alternate to melancholy! 🙂

The autumn may sound like end of a beautiful summer, but there is more in store for all of us. While the new seasons reminds us of the constant change; it also aspires new hopes for tomorrow.

There is not much time to be gloomy if you look at what the fall brings.
May the new season of autumn bring health, happiness and prosperity to YOU too!

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2 Replies to “The Autumn: The fall, the colors, the change, the festivals…”

  1. Hi, I felt nice while I was reading the post 🙂 For one reason that my imagination took to me see what you expressed in there !! I love nature and every form of it. It must be beautiful out there 🙂 Though I am allergic to cold, the thought of cold made me happy 🙂

    Also, thanks for making me aware of the academic life of children in the US and also some of American culture too !! 🙂

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