‘Bollywood Heroes’ Vs ‘US Customs and Immigration’ : The duel goes on!

The US Customs and Immigration affects Bollywood travels to US

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

SRK stopped by US Immigration office for additional questioning; he blame US immigration for profiling based on Muslim name!….. – 8/11/09
Salman Khan is concerned about the US Immigration office; cancels his US trip!…- 8/28/09

Salman Khan has cancelled his upcoming trip to New York. The bollywood star was planning to visit USA to promote his upcoming movie ‘Wanted’. One of the main causes for this cancellation is quoted to be the recent incident where US immigration stopped Shahrukh Khan for additional questioning at Newark airport.

There has been much reported on this SRK immigration incident. The whole thing is blown way out of proportion by the media with so many twists and turns. Many are of the opinion that the agenda was to promote ‘My name is Khan’, his upcoming movie about experiences of a Muslim in USA in post-9/11 era.

The US Customs and Immigration denies any profiling and called it a routine stop, mainly because his baggage was delayed. You decide- who is right and who is wrong.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

As a part of security measure of modern days, every country including USA is being extra careful as to who crosses their borders.We all know, the US Immigration and Customs check-point is last place to find friendly faces. The custom officers’ job is to probe everyone who enters the country and try to separate the good guys from bad ones. They frequently stop all kind of travelers –white, black or brown- for additional questioing and screening. The officers do tend to be a bit authoritative, and many may consider them ‘rude’; but that is the nature of their job.

So there you have it! Two Khan’s-the Bollywood mega stars vs. the US Customs and Immigration…. It is hard to fathom that Bollywood is so much worried about ‘not-so-friendly’ US Immigration officers. These Bollywood heroes, whose daily job description is to overcome the hurdles and fight big bad bullies and villains in the movies, seem to shy away when it comes to passing through US Immigration and Customs. Is it that the real life drama is more intimidating than a Bollywood script with a pre-planned favorable outcome?


Come on our Bollywood heroes, you can do better than that! We are so used to your bigger-than-life persona, your bare-hand fights against evils of all sizes! You can single-handedly kill an army of villains in those movies; demolish anything that crosses your path, or that of your love-interest! You can jump out of high rise buildings, dash out of flying planes and come out winners without a scratch on your body. And yet, you are scared of an immigration officer at a US check-point? Where is all that bravery that we are so accustomed to witness on the big screens? We all thought that you are tough enough to put up with some questions from a non-smiling customs officer in real life!

Unfortunately, we all know, the option of look-alike or body double won’t work here! But, you can use your acting skills ‘without camera-and-light’ for a change. While the Gabbar Singh style dialogues or a musical number is out of question, you must have other tools in your repertoire of versatility! Don’t run away, at least stand up, for the sake of your fans!!

The whole India -every fan of desi flicks- is behind you, our Bollywood super-stars! In this script, you have been already declared the good guys by the media, and the immigration office as the villain. So come on, our ultimate heroes, don’t run away from the villain, everyone is betting on you! Don’t let us down!!

No more canceling of foreign trips because of big bad wolfs at the Customs’ check-points. Use your super powers if need be, you are stronger than that – we have seen that million time before!!

Unfortunately it seems, dealing with reality is mush harder for those who are so used to acting. A life based on scripts and stories has its own Bollywood world; not the real world we all tread everyday.
Too bad!

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  1. I feel bad for sharukh. It tarnished hisname. Any way you can watch your fav superstar sharukh khan’s movies on watchindia.tv. Also get updates on zoom tv on watchindia. a special diwali offer

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