Shahrukh Khan is god; so is US Immigration Office: The lessons learned

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” ~ Mark Twain

This incident of SRK’s additional questioning and detentionis in Newark is still getting so much coverage in the news. Actually, this was the main topic of discussion during Independence Day celebration in USA.

Here are the lessons we learned from the whole thing:

USA Immigration and Customs Office is god:Yes, god, but still with a lower case ‘g’. Nobody worship them, but they don’t care. So lets not tangle with someone with this kind of attitude. We can admire them or hate them from a distance. When going through the customs,  if you are over-friendly or over-nervous, they will suspect something is wrong. ‘Suspicion’ is their middle name.

Shahrukh Khan is god: Many worship SRK, so no quarrel here. Problem starts when our Desi god collides with a foreign god, like an Immigration personnel in this case. While you can decide which one of the two would be villain (I think I know your answer 🙂 ), you don’t have to. This is no epic battle of Mahabharata where good and evil are already defined; sometimes nobody wins in these battles of today. In this incident, I think both sides won, in their own words, of course. SRK got publicity for the the new movie and US Immigration officers showed that the law applies to everyone.

VIP Treatment not everywhere: VIP treatment in US is very limited. Actually people get upset when they see a VIP getting special treatment in a public place. Totally different culture, let us not fuss about this. Remember, most of immigration officers don’t know much about our big shot celebrities.

Follow the Rules of the land: The Rules of the land take priority over VIP status in USA. That is why there are so many American celebrities always in news outside the jailhouses or in the courthouses.

Need more Exposure to Bollywood Abroad: Not many people know who Shahrukh Khan is. Even the Indian American youth born and raised in USA have no clue in most cases. So don’t expect a white guy at Customs Office to recognize Bollywood stars.

Watch ‘My name is Khan’: Biggest lesson of all :)! Good publicity for the upcoming movie. Some might say that the whole thing was staged by SRK. He probably ‘acted’ a bit like ‘I am a movie star, what else you want to know?’ And the US Customs took the bait! 🙂
What else to say!

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4 Replies to “Shahrukh Khan is god; so is US Immigration Office: The lessons learned”

  1. i don’t understand why some people call him the god, are they out of their mind?
    we’ve much better actors like, akshay, bobby deol, hritik, abhishek, ajay..etc they’re much better actor and good looking than these 5 feet porkistanis.

  2. please indians wake up, don’t take that personally. they come under one category that is MUSLIMS. Americans never compromise with the secutiy of their country and their people. And its good for their country, ther’re alert, sincere and honest for their work.

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