NRIs’ random ‘things-to-do’ for the day!

NRIs’ Things To Do:
Have a cup of tea, make the tea
Watch a Bollywood movie
Update Facebook status
Check cricket score, and comment on it on FB
Buy mangoes – Indian mangoes
Order carry-out food from Indian restaurant
Check out the special sales fliers
Garden the flowers and vegetables
Google search ‘NRI Marriages’
Update profile
Shop for cheaper phone service to India
Call your spouse in India
Buy Samosa and chaat to make ‘Curry Samosa’ 🙂
Check stock market
Download desi music
Update resume
Google search ‘how to lose your accent’
Plan a week-end party
Hire a Bollywood star for the party
Check out Indian news!
Take a Bollywood Quiz
Search for cheap TV plans for Indian programs
Watch English dramas
Plan to visit India

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