Need more ugly stories!

Finding ways to expose corruption and power abuse in India

Indian politics is often considered synonym for corruption and misuse of power. Most of the politicians in India consider themselves to be beyond and above any law of the land.
A recent incident involving a congress MP Jagannatham slapping a bank manager in broad daylight was luckily captured on a video camera. The recorded footage has been repeatedly played all over the internet and is heavily reported by the media. The publicity of all this made the congress high command to look into the incident seriously, forcing the MP to tender an unconditional apology. The police is also investigating the case.
If there is anything positive in this ugly story, is the story itself – the power of the internet and media coverage to expose the behavior of a politician. Unfortunately, there are many more daily incidents like this all over India that go unreported. The reason for so many untold ugly stories is quite simple. There is no camera to capture them, or no brave witness to narrate them. The daily corruption and power abuse is in full swing mainly because of the lack of exposure of the wrongdoers, and the fear of retaliation against those who dare to report them.
While there are some brave souls who have made it their mission to clean up India’s future by exposing these incidents, an average person is hesitant to do much about it. For the fear of retaliation, an average family man or woman does not want to take the risk of whistleblowing under normal circumstances.
The life goes on, with corruption and power-abuse hidden in the plain sight. Nobody wants to touch it, no one wants to talk about it.
Oscar Wilde said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
So, the best alternate could be to use a mask; report this unethical behaviors anonymously. It is a today’s need to find a mask for an average person, so he or she can tell the truth about corruption and power abuse without any fear.
There is no doubt that we should look for ways and ideas on how to report these incidents more proactively. The creative minds of India have put the whole world on notice when it comes to competitive advantages in the field of engineering and technology. A part of the same brain power is required to search for innovative ways to expose the corruption and power abuse without any fear of revenge.
More of us should tell these stories that need improvement; more parents and teachers should tell the stories that need a better ending. This is not going to happen overnight,  but we need to encourage a culture that exposes these ugly stories.
For the sake of better India of tomorrow, we need to tell more stories – the ugly ones.

PS: Here is a Youtube link to the slapping incident  above. Share your thoughts and ugly stories by commenting below.

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  1. With great power comes great responsibility .
    Each and every decision that a political leader makes has a drastic effect on the lives of the people. So we have to closely follow their actions and bug them whenever they go wrong… The media is doing an excellent job at exposing corruption .

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