10 most uncommon business ideas for overseas!

NRI Tips: Most uncommon or non-traditional business ideas to consider abroad

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

There are some popular business ideas for overseas, including the one discussed in 10 most common businesses to start abroad. Now, here are some not-so-common ones. This should get you thinking, to make your own choice – from these suggestions or perhaps even better ones of your own based on your knowledge, skill and circumstances!  sxc1088992_glass_bangles

1. Indian fashion accessories: Consider an online or local store to sell Indian fashion accessories including glass bangles, simple Indian jewelries and other beauty items. This can start at a small scale and expand as the business grows

2. Pet care and grooming: A place to take care of pets including grooming, styling and domesticating. If you love pets, may want to look into this one.

3. Yoga master: Teach Yoga from your home or some off-site location. Based on the local laws and business guideline, you may need to register or get certification before you can spread peace and spirituality!

4. Accent reduction service: Teach and educate new immigrants about how to lose or reduce accent. Get some more ideas from this article -A self-help guide to lose your accent.

5. Psychic Readings or Fortune tellers: Palm reading or psychic reading as a fortune teller. You may need to investigate the viability of this business though; more and more people are skeptical of fortunetellers.

6. Vegetarian or vegan living: If you know a lot about vegetarian life style, you may want to show/teach others how to adapt and adjust to vegetarian diet and life-style. There are a growing number of people experimenting with vegetarianism and vegan living.

7. Video games tester:If you like video games, you may consider changing your hobby into a business by being a tester for new games. I would assume a lot of competition though, as everybody is into some kinds of video gaming these days :).

8. Wedding Photographer: Good wedding photography is always in high demand. If you are into professional photography, check it out as a career, especially in Indian community where weddings photography is always a must.

9. Techno geeks: If you are into computers and new technologies, there are many mid-level jobs in technical retail area that need this kind of skill-sets. You may consider starting your own business to provide services to those retail houses, such as providing consultation and contractors.

10. Toys tester: Have kids who love new toys? You can work with them to test new toys for toy companies. Not sure if one can make a living out of it, but it could be a side-business to start with.

Share you own thoughts and any out-of-the-box suggestion by commenting below. There are all kinds of strange but profitable business ideas out there.

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