10 most uncommon business ideas for overseas!

NRI Tips: Most uncommon or non-traditional business ideas to consider abroad

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

There are some popular business ideas for overseas, including the one discussed in 10 most common businesses to start abroad. Now, here are some not-so-common ones. This should get you thinking, to make your own choice – from these suggestions or perhaps even better ones of your own based on your knowledge, skill and circumstances!  sxc1088992_glass_bangles

1. Indian fashion accessories: Consider an online or local store to sell Indian fashion accessories including glass bangles, simple Indian jewelries and other beauty items. This can start at a small scale and expand as the business grows

2. Pet care and grooming: A place to take care of pets including grooming, styling and domesticating. If you love pets, may want to look into this one.

3. Yoga master: Teach Yoga from your home or some off-site location. Based on the local laws and business guideline, you may need to register or get certification before you can spread peace and spirituality!

4. Accent reduction service: Teach and educate new immigrants about how to lose or reduce accent. Get some more ideas from this article –A self-help guide to lose your accent.

5. Psychic Readings or Fortune tellers: Palm reading or psychic reading as a fortune teller. You may need to investigate the viability of this business though; more and more people are skeptical of fortunetellers.

6. Vegetarian or vegan living: If you know a lot about vegetarian life style, you may want to show/teach others how to adapt and adjust to vegetarian diet and life-style. There are a growing number of people experimenting with vegetarianism and vegan living.

7. Video games tester:If you like video games, you may consider changing your hobby into a business by being a tester for new games. I would assume a lot of competition though, as everybody is into some kinds of video gaming these days :).

8. Wedding Photographer: Good wedding photography is always in high demand. If you are into professional photography, check it out as a career, especially in Indian community where weddings photography is always a must.

9. Techno geeks: If you are into computers and new technologies, there are many mid-level jobs in technical retail area that need this kind of skill-sets. You may consider starting your own business to provide services to those retail houses, such as providing consultation and contractors.

10. Toys tester: Have kids who love new toys? You can work with them to test new toys for toy companies. Not sure if one can make a living out of it, but it could be a side-business to start with.

Share you own thoughts and any out-of-the-box suggestion by commenting below. There are all kinds of strange but profitable business ideas out there.

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21 Replies to “10 most uncommon business ideas for overseas!”

  1. i dont think any of the above will work.but the overall idea is good.
    like insted of “breakable” glass bangles.the rajastani metal jewellry will work great.
    here in china,ppl {not jus the chinese} adore these jink knacks, or what ever they r called.
    like u so aptly put it”not so common ideas”
    good one thou

  2. i have a nice one.pav bhajji stalls
    i packet our very own amul butter
    (the more tha bettr)
    boiled vegies.jus fry ur onion till pink add the pav bhajji masala and tomato and garlic paste
    add the vegies , dry the water and have it with 1 more pack of amul butter and french bread.
    people r crazy for fast foods, INDIAN FAST FOODS WILL DO GGRRREEEAT.
    not jus for the indians.every one of them.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I guess “indian fast food’ could be an option. I have seen in a few cities included Chicago, Montreal, and Ney York – a stand similar to hot-dog stand serving samosa, chatt and other quick indian meals..

  4. or dosa stand will be great.like Kenturky Fried Chicken,(kfc) we could have
    Madras Idly Bugers(mib)
    this was actually a fav joke during my college times.but i bet with some planning it could work………..anyone interested,let me know, ill give you the copyright

  5. Starting your own business may sound like a lot of fun but there are many things that you need to take into consideration before you start a business of your own. Most businesses fail not because of a lack of money, but because a lack of planning.

  6. I feel one business from which Indians earn the most in overseas is Beautician Business. They open a Beauty Salon or go to client’s home personally do provide services and earn money.

    For Indian Beauty Salon and Indian Food business always work in overseas.

    Ardent Smith
    iD Tech Camps

  7. Pretty uncommon.. LOL

    Almost all of it can be done by yourself.. The Internet has all access,.. It will give you a lot of answer.. Its like an online teacher..

    Great post.. If you have any new uncommon post, keep me updated.. LOL just kidding..

    Really great post… thanks..

  8. It is funny, but I’m actually at a hotel, so I wanted to note that it was pretty nice to spend my good and short time on this site.

  9. My son would certainly love to be a video games tester. If there was such a job here, I’m pretty sure he’d be the first in the line to apply! 😉

    On-call massage therapists are also becoming more and more popular in Asia. These therapists prefer to work freelance because of the flexibility it affords them, as well as the unlimited income (as opposed to working in a spa where income may be fixed). They are just a call away. You can enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home.

  10. I found it when I was looking for a different sort of information but I am very interested in the article, It is nice to read such kind of good posts i like your work keep it up

  11. Hi there!
    Looks like you have loads of tips and pointers to share with Indians living abroad:-) A lot of the uncommon professions listed by you do have a specialist niche market and if anyone is serious about following it up, with a good understanding of the market conditions and competent marketing skills, I’m sure they can turn it into a successful business venture.

  12. i am a business platform or cunsaltant in jaipur india, for forigners or NRIs. i provide anything kind of informations and support and new business ideas for import export business, if any body is need me cont me at sanjeev(two thusend)a at gmail(dot)com

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