Iran: Humanity, freedom and the choice of right over wrong!

India has had its fair share of problems originating from religions and races. The politics combined with religion has been very troublesome for India for decades.
However, what is going on in Iran is much bigger than day-to-day politics. It is not a simple case of disputed election, even though the election results and suspected voter frauds were the trigger. What people of Iran are dealing with is something greater than politics, something much more important. An average human being is fighting for his or her rights; the basic rights that a country owes to its citizens; the basic freedom that you and me are so used to. They are demanding a change.

A father or mother- or a brother or a sister -should be able to tell their young ones in the family that it is okay to dream; it is okay to go on to live a life that they wished. The Iranians are not only fighting for their own rights, they are fighting to make sure that the next generation can live their dreams. They are trying to realize the dreams for themselves and more importantly, for the generations to come; the dreams that involve freedom of speech, freedom to choose their life-style, freedom to express their opinion without the worries of someone constantly watching over their shoulders.
Most of the social media sites are busy with discussions about Iran and Tehran. If you search Twitter for ‘Tehran’, you will see posts or ‘tweets’ from all over the world. The users are doing some very creative things. For example, many of the Americans, Europeans and others outside Iran are changing their location and time zone to Tehran in their profiles. This is to misguide the Iranian law enforcement and  ‘to help logjam the security forces searching for local people posting tweets’. Many are offering prayers, support and encouragement.
The news media is working around the clock to bring some very interesting first hand experiences from inside the country. Some of the experts and trusted reporters are analyzing the situation in details and in almost real time.
Most of us don’t know much about Iran other than what we read in the newspapers. However, today we all feel very close to the people of Iran. An average Iranian is fighting against one of the most established regimes; the ideology is being questioned.
Why is it that the whole world is behind these protesters, supporting them even though we know so little about them? In this case, under the circumstances, it not because we generally bet on an underdog; it is because it seems the obvious choice. The right and the wrong are so clearly defined in this struggle for the basic human freedom; for the general humanity. The world is taking side with freedom, the choice is humanity.
Long live the freedom to choose! And, may the ‘right’ always win over the ‘wrong’!

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