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NRIs Tips: How to select work and financial options overseas!

As I discussed before, there are many good reason to go abroad and then there are some bad ones too. Most of the main reasons to leave India and go overseas are directly or indirectly linked to the search for long term or short term financial gains and prosperity. By end of the day, it comes down to MONEY. 🙂 sxc_money_series_51
However, the often overlooked factor is the poor planning behind all this. If we are sacrificing so much, and put up with so many new hurdles and challenges, we should at least have a solid plan to find the right occupation or business.
The plan may vary from one person to another depending on personal strengths and weakness, but it is important to have a plan towards reaching our financial goals; how we are going to succeed in our mission toward prosperity.
There is all kind of job planning info available, but most of them are more generic career plans for local individuals planning their goals, not for immigrants, Indians or NRIs. As a part of the basic plan, it is very critical to outline and understand:
– What kind of jobs best suit your skills and needs?
– Would you consider and take a position that is less rewarding as a back-up plan?
– Would you consider a career change or downgrade if things are not working out?
– What are the other options or choices to consider as a back-up?
– Is going back to India one of the options?

Depending on how you answer the questions above and any other personal circumstances, you can then decide on the best jobs or best options to support your financial plan abroad. Here are some of the main options to consider for a suitable and rewarding job or business:

  1. Find your dream job – Plan A: The best possible scenario is to look for a job that meets your skill sets and then finding one. If you are a computer engineer by trade for example, then first preference should be to search for a job in that field.  There are lots of online and local resources to help in this area. Make sure to take a look at the  job-search tips detailed in a separate post linked here. Also check out the common online resources such as  Career Builder, Yahoo Careers and If you find one, especially in this economy, consider it a major achievement.
  2. Find a back-up job –Plan B: If your ‘Plan A’ is not working, and your patience is wearing down; consider the second best option. For example, if you cannot find a position as a computer engineer, consider a position as senior computer technician or an assistant engineer. If you are good at what you do, your talents will be recognized eventually. This is a good way to get your foot in the door. You can also be a consultant or a contractor in your field of expertise. Lots of Indians make a very good living with this approach.
  3. Interns and volunteers: If you cannot find a job, and if you have free time, consider looking for basic internships or volunteer works in your field. This is another way of building network and making new connections in your area of expertise.
  4. Start a business:If you or your family have experience in a business, or if you are willing to start your own business; you may want to consider this option. Again, it boils down to personal preferences and ability to run a business. Make sure to research it properly, and review the common business ideas for overseas.
  5. Import/export: If you have business connections back-home, import/export is one of the other alternate to consider. Talk to someone who is involved in similar venture and there is plenty of information available online as well.
  6. Teacher: Many Indians choose teaching as an alternate career. There is always demand for good teachers. Indians are generally good at science and math, so it is not a bad fit. If you enjoy working with kids, you may find it a very rewarding option. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but teaching is a fulfilling career.
  7. Public sector jobs: A general job in the public sector is other common fall-back plan. Insurance agent, banking clerk, administrator assistant etc. are commonly available options. These are not generally high paying jobs, but good ways to gain experience and knowledge of local culture and work environment.
  8. Hobby: You can consider converting your hobby into a career. For example, do you enjoy working out, or are you into yoga? If so, look for an opening or a position for good yoga instructor in your neighborhood. There could be some other hobbies to explore.
  9. Out of the box ideas: Think of some new ways. Looking through the job openings in the local newspapers, you may find something appealing; or may get some new ideas. Discuss your situation within your social group; there are many ways to make a good living if you are flexible and adaptable enough. For example, take a look at these uncommon business ideas and then evaluate them against your interests.
  10. A temporary job – Plan C: Are you willing to drive a taxi if nobody is hiring you as a computer expert? Or, would you rather go back to India? There are many highly qualified NRIs who started as a cab driver, and ultimately got their own limousine or taxi/cab business. This is just one example….
  11. And, NEVER quit:Even in worst times, the unemployment rate is at 10% or so. That means 90 out of every 100 workers are employed. If you are willing to find a livelihood, you shall find it. Planning, Patience and perseverance, the 3 Ps, are main attributes to reaching your goad.

To look at the bigger picture on job demand, you should also check out the jobs and careers in high demand.
Finally, there have been some news of immigrants and NRIs going back to India for work. If your personal circumstances allow and if this is a better option overall, going back home is never a bad idea. A journey starting and ending at home is always good.:)

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