13 Unlucky reasons to go abroad!

NRI Tips: Worst reasons to leave India and go overseas!

As discussed in a previous article, there are many good reasons to go overseas; but there are plenty of bad ones too. Going overseas is not a guaranteed golden ticket; there are lots of sad stories of broken dreams and heartache. Some of the worst reasons to go abroad are:sxcparadise_torn_paper_white

1.Illusions of Paradise: The overseas land of riches may be rich, but it is no paradise by any means. Adapting into new culture and a new place is not an overnight thing. So, especially for a new immigrants, the challenges could be overwhelming.

2. Blind Job hopes: With global recession everywhere, the unemployment rate in Europe and America is highest in decades. The job and career opportunities have diminished significantly. The demand for foreign work visa is actually down; people are starting to realize the the challenges abroad.

3. Second try might work: If going abroad did not work the first time and nothing has changed, the chances of better encounter on second try are minimal. Many people keep trying again and again, wasting their entire savings; it is just sad!

4. Karma – fortune teller prediction: I have nothing to say about this…in this day and age. This is a pure act of desperation.  It is never a good idea to leave everything in the hands of  karma abroad.

5. Travel Agent’s promises: I hope we all have learned a lesson or two from all the frauds related to travel agents. If a travel agent is promising you everything, for the right price, be wary of the promises. You don’t need travel agent in this day and age, everything – the visa application, the entry requirements, the travel rules…. – is available on the internet

6. Teach English in America: I have met enough English graduates from India, or those with majors in English language;  none of them teaches English. Sorry 🙁 .

7. Poverty at home: This is a sad truth; a victim of poverty becomes a victim of travel agents’ promises, or fortune tellers’ lies.

8. Born-to-be-white: This applies only in India, remember the brown skin.

9. Marriage: One the popular ways to immigrate has been through marriages and spouse sponsorships. While there are lots of happy endings, some of them end pretty bad. The NRI divorse and other marital issues among NRIs are everywhere.

10. Family circumstance: If you leave India just because others want you to, chances are YOU, and not those others, will end up paying for it through the nose.

11. Peer Pressure: We have all heard of the tall tales about USA, Canada or England; how our next door neighbors have made fortune abroad; how half of your classmates are already NRIs…. These are all the wrong reasons to go overseas.

12. Curiosity: Remember, curiosity killed the cat; find some other hobby 🙂 ! If you really want to travel and see places, start with India itself, a lot to explore and a lot for your curiosity.

13. Life is short :Yes, life is short, but that is one more reason to make right decisions, using sound logic, not wrong ones.

In fact, life is too short, live it the right way. Evaluate your circumstances and make sure that you are leaving India to go overseas for the right reasons. After All, it is not a trip to the supermarket!

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  1. very true. but prepare for the worse when going abroad anywhere. once you are there look also at the positive side and struggle to achieve the positive side of foreign countries and learn their language and assimilate in what ever good ways these countries have and please keep moving to different countries every few years until old enough to settle somewhere you are comfortable . Make many friends as possible from different background. Remember always you are the citizen of the planet first so spread the good side of you and you will mostly benefit overall and change the world for better

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