Top ten reasons to go abroad!

NRI Tips: 10 reasons to leave India and go overseas – From desi to desi-NRI!

No matter where it leads to, our journey always starts at home. There has to be a good reason to leave the comforts of home – the family, the culture, the country. sxc-big_step_to_success_2501Here are the ten most common reasons to leave home and go overseas:

1. Travel: Traveling to visit different places is one of the best reasons to go abroad. It is a fun and exciting experience to go places, emerging in other cultures is rewarding and adventure. It is the best of the both worlds. If one can afford it, traveling abroad is always full of adventures and new experiences. There are all kinds of online sites that can guide you to match the places with your interests. Traveling is something we don’t do enough.

2. Education: Good schooling is a big investment for our future. One should never under-estimate the value of good education, it builds the base of our lifestyle; it pays life-long dividends for every penny we ever spent on studies. Going abroad to study is not new. Studying abroad is truly an eye opening experience.

3. Family: Many times, family sponsorship is a reason to go abroad – to unite with rest of the family. The immigration rules allow spouse (and in many cases parents along with their younger siblings) to be brought over in many countries. Lots of people go abroad to re-unite with their family.

4. Job Offer: Going abroad for a job is a safe and secure way to immigrate. The job search for a newcomer could be a daunting task. With an offer in hand, the future does not feel that uncertain while boarding the plane heading to USA or England or Canada…or wherever they need your talent and skills!

5. Business: With global reach of India, more and more Indians are going abroad for business. Many family businesses, such as export-import, are creating meaningful opportunities to go overseas.

6. To Gain Experience: Gaining foreign experience in our work or business operation can add one more tool to our repertoire. You learn new ways of operation, new processes and different practices. It also looks good on the resume, and can lead to future career advancements.

7. Marriage: This is one of the main reason lots of desi guys and gals leave for Europe or North America. It is not a bad reason, just make sure to do your homework and marry for the right reasons. Also, there have been many reports in the news about NRI wedding scandals lately, so do your due diligence BEFORE the wedding.

8. Necessity:Necessity is the mother of invention. There is no better motivation than the ‘need’ to do something. If going abroad relates to your needs; if this is something you have to do as a part of your personal or professional life; that is a good enough reason to consider overseas’ options.

9. Best option available: Many of us go abroad when there is no comparable career or job opportunity at home. If nothing works at home for your carrier and you are certain that there is a demand abroad, then you should consider this as an option. However, analyze the whole situation carefully; if nothing is working for you at home, change of scenery may not do much either! 🙂

10. Adventure, fun and curiosity:  Some people go abroad to experience new culture and the cultural differences, to meet new people and have fun. If exploring new places is in your blood, you may want to consider it.

So, here you have it. Life is short; go see the world. Nothing wrong with it if you are given a solid reason and a good opportunity.

If I missed any other good reason to go overseas, do share your thoughts and comments.

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